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Scarby's stitches!

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Jan 24, 2006
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West Cornwall
I am taking Scarby to Roger on Wednesday to have the stitches removed.

Poor darling Scarby has done so well. He really is a miracle. I am quite scared about the stitches coming out. When scarby had the abscess done and the stitches came out the wound became infected and he had to have another emergency stitch put in. The as I was holding him for this to be taken out he wet himself (or rather me!).

Dear sweet Scarby.Mummy loves you so much xx
All done! Roger is delighted with Scarby and - wait for it - is going to write an article on him with photos!
Scarby is so excited!
fame at last for Scarby he will want a star in the street like in Hollywood next lol,, glad he is sorted now, a brave little man
Lucinda says Scarby is now back with the other two, and they are really sweet, licking and kissing Scarby. What a little star Scarby is, and what excitement to appear in an ARTICLE! We have some really famous piggies on this site -TV stars like Chef Guinea and so forth. (If only TV was so good and had so much talent). It's great to read about all the piggies. It makes me feel I know them personally.
Caroline x
My mother's computer was still signed in as me from when I was down there - which explains her post in my name!
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