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Signs of depression

Discussion in 'Behaviour and Bonding' started by Claire W, Jul 20, 2008.

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  1. Claire W

    Forum Donator 2015/16

    Does anyone know what signs a guinea pig will show if he / she is depressed?
  2. MemberX

    MemberX New Member

    Jul 6, 2007
    Hi Claire,

    Cuzzy went depressed when he was ill. He stopped eating and was just stationary, looking at the floor all the time and huddled in a corner. He was a lone pig so I got Eccles for him but then he became ill again and passed away.

    Why what's up?

  3. Claire W

    Forum Donator 2015/16

    Thanks for that Louise. It's going back to the thread I posted about my friends girlfriend with the small hutch. We are visiting them in London in the middle of August so i'll get to meet and see the piggies. She reassures me that the pigs are fine and happy. I just thought that if I new the signs of depression then if her pigs are depressed, I can point it out to her.
  4. depression and guinea pigs

    here is a link go down to behaviour and health for the answer about depression http://www.cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm
    hoping your friends piggies are happy and have a great trip. sending hugs to you and your fur babies:rose:rose:rose
  5. Goldie

    Goldie Adult Guinea Pig

    May 26, 2008
    West Country
    Very good article ... I will print it off and have a read through. Thanks.
  6. Claire W

    Forum Donator 2015/16

    Thanks for the article Mary. Very useful :)
  7. you're welcome

    that's quite alright, when i see a post i just google. this time i typed depression in guinea pigs and up came that site and article.
    hoping it helps your friends piggies if they are depressedxx>>>xx>>>xx>>>
  8. Claire W

    Forum Donator 2015/16

    I see you're awake early again? It's really strange because i'm off to bed soon
    :)p Anyway, back to the point, I will be meeting her pigs on the 15th of August so i'll keep you posted x
  9. not early

    no, it is 7.00am here it is just starting to get daylight.:)p:)p have sweet dreams zzzzzz and have a great trip to see your friend and her furries. hoping your furries won't miss you too muchxx>>>xx>>>
  10. Claire W

    Forum Donator 2015/16

    That's early to me :)p Mind you, I have to be up at 6am as I start work at 7. My neighbours will be feeding Connie and Eliza and the gerbils and hamsters. I hate leaving them though even though it is only for a few days :( Hope you have a nice day x
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