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Taking food from hand

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Jan 23, 2006
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I got to share this with you all!

Guinea has just taken food from my hand and sat where he is and ate it!

It may mean nothing to you all. All my other piggies take from my hand, but Guinea never has - I'm not sure why, he's a shy eater is the best way to describe it. He prefers to eat when you're not watching him.

He's so tame in other ways, will let you stroke him and pick him up - it's just with his eating that's the poblem! LOL

But not now, went in to give the boys some cucumber to munch on and there you go! I'm chuffed! :D
lol! i'm so happy for you!its so cute to have piggies eat from your hand.
Aww, Mike i'm sure if they could talk their first words would've been Dada :)
Had Zubin nearly a year and he hasnt done that yet he hids with his food hes very shy though lol I no how brilliant it is because it took Rudi ages to do it lol x
Guinea is taking more food from my hand, and earlier Mike tried and he took it from him too!

It took Guin a while to take it though, but Mike was really chuffed!
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