Teeth grinding

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Hes grinding his teeth (sends shivers down my spine) what does this mean hes not rubblestruting just grinding his teeth ?
Mine do that - I think they do it when they are confused or feeling a bit nervy!
Am used to it by now - I do have 15 pigs in the house at the moment including fosters!

I call it 'munching'
WOH! 15 id love to have that many! I'm sure ill get used to it x x
just to add to this piggies also grind ther teeth when they are in pain.
Hmm he didnt seem in pain and he hasnt done nething resently which would cause this so i hope its not pain related
I am worried now - one of my piggies called Truffle had a spur on the side of her tooth - she had that taken off a while ago and ever since she has been grinding her teeth? could this be due to her being in pain or would this just be because her mouth feels different now?
I would say its because of the difference now.. but quite oftenpiggies just grind their teeth.. if it hurts then she may not be eating?
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