TGPF and B4Bs Piggie Lunch & Fundraising Day

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Jan 23, 2006
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Hiya Everybody!

We have decided to start planning TGPF and B4Bs Piggie Lunch and Fundraising Day.

We will hopefully be holding it somewhere central so that it is an easy place for us all to get to. Also if anybody has problems getting to it hopefully somebody who lives nearby might be able to offer a lift.

I was just wondering who would be interested in attending so I can roughly know how many would like to come.

It would be great finally meeting you all!



So far the people who would like to come from TGPF are...

1) ME :)
2) Lukey
3) My mum Debbie
4) Kelly
5) Claire
6) Kate
7) Ian
8) Verity (?)
9) Susie and Adam (?)
10) Lucinda
11) Caroline
12) Lucinda's dad
13) DebbieR (?)
14) Kelly's Nephew
15) Bev
16) DebbieR

Don't worry if I have wrote down your name then you can't make it. Its just a rough idea. Also I think quite a few of B4Bs have expressed an interest in coming too. Should be a great day.
i will come but it depends on location and date etc. abbysitter and stuff to sort out
I'll be there! And I'll try and make Ian come too!

Me, Ellie and Susie will be getting going on the planning for this straight away - we have some ace ideas already so watch this space!
If its close and in the summer then it should be ok for me to come! but i doubt i will have my licenze so i might need a lift lol ;Dx
Very exciting! We really want this to be a great guinea pig themed day out for us all as well as a fundraising day. It would be great if as many of us can get there as possible!
Tonight, Kate, Susie and I have put our noggin's together on coming up with some details of TGPF and B4B's Piggie Lunch.

Kate has kindly offered to let us use her garden to have a pignic and also have a really enjoyable, guinea pig themed day raising funds for local rescues. Attendees would nominate a local rescue and we will share funds out as its so important we support local centres.

The initial idea for the event is 'Guinea Piglymics' with a pignic whereby we will film and show on a big screen piggys doing things (e.g. a 'running event' which would involve speeded up footage of piggys moving down a long thin run seperated into lanes) and attendees put a small bet on which pig will win. All bets going towards fundraising, the prises being guinea pig items donated by other attendees.

We would like to hold it on Saturday 5th August 2006. (This is in the summer hols!)

Let me know what you think. :)

More details will be added soon!
That date sounds ok but i think i may be working on the radio at a local show that day i will check where abouts is it?
I'm at the hospital radio at southsea show that day so i wont be able to make it sorry, please take piccies for me x
I think yaaaaaaaaaaaay! Ps. Adam is talking about borrowing some interactive voting pads like they have on who wants to be a millionaire from work. Posh or what? Will take lots of pics.
Sorry, I forgot to say where Kate lives lol. She lives in Birmingham so its in the middle of England. I hope lots of you can make it.
Typical blonde hey? lol - Was just watching House and thought half way through... "I didn't post whereabouts Kate lives!" lol

If a lot of people have a problem with Sat 5th August we will more than likely be able to change it to a different weekend day.

Please remember that all money raised that day will be going to rescues around the country so its for a good cause!
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