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Jan 23, 2006
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[color]W all know how lovly an cut your piggis ar but now its tim to s th slav bhin th piggi... So what o you look lik? - a pics of yourslf to this thra :)
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Well hello everyone this is me... looking very retro... its over a year old, havent got many recent ones...



Last year on holiday in Majorca, but still looking as white as an aneamic milky bar kid ;)

[color]This was m...


(M an my sistr Hannah - Not guina pig Hannah :))



an now... I hav grown into this...

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Nice Pic Lukey, Ellie your so pretty! I feel ashamed to put my pic!
[color]lol No I am not. I am horribl! I saw a pic of you on SP forum. Your rally prtty!
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dont think anyone thinks there pretty or good looking, its a shame we cant see ourselves how other people do... you look lovley kellie I'm sure every red blooded male would agree with me tee hee... and ellies cheeky grin pics are smashing
[color]Both Kllis/Klly you ar vry vry prtty.

I rmmbr you sning m that pic ags a go Klly with you an Jin on your wing ay. Its lovly!
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Me, pretty? You're blind! LOL, You on the other hand are gorge! ;)

brings back happy memories.. but miss Jin so much.. crying my eyes out

Thats why it took me quite a while to put that piccie up
[color]You ar prtty Klly. I am most crtainly not blin! :D

Awww... I know you miss Jin. Fluffy is my spcial piggi lik Jin is yours.

I am sur Jin is watching own on you an is prou of you for th lov you ar giving to all th othr piggis
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Ok, this is my Mommy Kat...

last Halloween with Kurama

and Halloween 2004 with Solomon and her nephew


I think she needs to go find me some that aren't from Halloween :-\.....

-Bastian Noel
Aww, thanx :) Am sure he is.. :)

Don't mean this to sound like I don't love my other piggies, but I soo miss Jin above everyone.

There was just something unique about him, like your Fluffy xx
[quotkllyanpiggis ]
Aww, thanx :) Am sur h is.. :)

Don't man this to soun lik I on't lov my othr piggis, but I soo miss Jin abov vryon.

Thr was just somthing uniqu about him, lik your Fluffy xx
I know xactly what you man Klly. I lov all my piggis but Fluffy... sh was just that littl bit mor spcial which sms ba in a way but sh was my first piggi an w ha a connction lik you an Jin i. :)

Kat - You an Kurama look amazing. Was that hallown last yar?
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Yeah, thanx Ellie :)

Jin wasn't my first but he was the oldest piggie I have ever had and he was just different.. Spent so much time with me and we did so much together.. He just really knew me.. Sorry going into emotional overlode..

He died in my arms and he took a part of me too
Thank you. Yes, it was last year. We didn't actually get a Halloween because Hurricane Wilma destroyed my town just a few days before and we had curfew and it wasn't safe with all the debris. So I just had a few friends over for a last minute Halloween party. I worked too hard on Rama's costume for him to not get to even wear it.

I finally tracked down some fairly recent non-Halloween pictures of myself. I'm afraid I tend to avoid the picture capturing side of cameras like the plague. I'm much happier on the opposite side taking pics of my creatures.




I know what you guys are talking about Solomon, was my special piggy. He was my best friend and there will never be another Solomon(though Kurama is so much like him it's scarey sometimes). I was utterly crushed when I lost him and I still cry for him sometimes.
Me just off to the gym hence the lack of clothing! :-[


This is me at 11 months old

At 2 yrs old

Me at Mundaring Falls

And a recent photo

Sorry about the size of pics.. I did resize them alot *kicks photo editor* ;)