The Gadget Show Campaign for Free WiFi

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[colorblack]I was watching th Gagt Show an thy want fr WIFI intrnt for vryon...Thy n vots an will tak it to th govrnmnt, so w all gt fr intrnt...BI ia! VTE NW!

Hr is abit from th sit:

[colorr]This wk on Th Gagt Show, Jason xplor a pilot schm which supplis th city of Norwich with fr WiFi intrnt accss for its popl.

A grat ia, but not nough. W want to s fr WiFi in vry major town an city in th UK; for businss, for tourism, for th futur, an for anyon an vryon who rlis on th intrnt.

If you agr, plas sign up to our onlin campaign hr, an w'll tak it all th way to th top.

Go hr: http://ga[COLOR=Black]g[COLOR=Black]tshow.fiv[COLOR=Black].tv/campaign/wifi/
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