The Harmless Book that Spawned Section 28



Section 28 was on the cards for a long time. What really sparked the backlash from the Conservative government at the time was the appearance of a book called 'Jenny Lives with Eric and Martin' , which was reported in the notoriously forward thinking daily newspaper, the Daily Mail. The rumor mill began to grind - although no copies of the book had ever actually been made available to children. The blue rinse brigade naturally agitated against the depraved idea that a child might find themselves being raised by same sex parents and an attempt to de-stigmatize that might be a good idea.

The reporting at the time was hilariously inaccurate, there was a page where both men were described as entwined naked on a bed - they were, shirtless, under a duvet cover, like most heterosexual men tend to do.

The moral outrage wagon was ridden to its ultimate conclusion by a conservative MP (Now Dame) Jill Knight - after history viewed her unfavorable, she had this to say:

While promoting the new clause Knight claimed that children under two had access to gay and lesbian books in Lambeth, a claim which has never been substantiated. She linked discussion of homosexuality in schools to the spread of AIDS and described homosexuality as 'perverted' and 'desperately dangerous'. She has been described as a key force behind the legislation and a 'dedicated – not to say fanatical – anti-gay'. In June 2013, she opposed same-sex marriage, arguing that Parliament cannot change the fact that "marriage is not about just love. It is about a man and a woman, themselves created to produce children, producing children. A man can no more bear a child, than a woman can produce sperm, and no law on earth can change that. This is not a homophobic view. It may be sad, it may be unequal, but it's true." In the same year, she claimed it was wrong for David Cameron to apologise for the legacy of Section 28, while appearing to defend herself from accusations of homophobia by claiming that gay people are 'very good at antiques'. In 2018, when she was confronted about her role as an architect of and a main driving force behind section 28 she said she is sorry 'if' the law hurt anyone. Knight stated that her motivation had only been to maintain the welfare of children.
You may have noticed parallels, both in the circumstances and the tactics deployed in the recent drama with the inclusion education at a Birmingham school.

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