The McCartneys Versus the Fur Trade

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Did anyone see this tonight?

I was in tears through most of it. I have never worn fur and will never do it. I'm not even going to buy anything leather now either. The video they had of a dog being skinned alive was unbearable and disgusting. Even the cats furs they showed. So sad. :( >:(

I am totally against this! i have just signed the petition. i read about a shop selling a coat made from hammy fur once! its just dispicable, you wouldnt shave us and then kill us to make and coat and in the end we are animals! x
I caught a glimpse of it, but it was horrifying! :'(

Petitions signed! And I've forwarded them on!
I didn't see this either, i have just signed the petition on Heather Mills Mccartney's site, its awful what people do to these poor animals.
just signed them as well, I knew not to watch the programme because I would end up majorly depressed,
I am a vegetarian because I dont believe we have the right to eat other living things, would never in a million years wear fur, leather is out, I once moved house because an animal testing unit was being built in my view (from bedroom window) and I knew I would end up doing something naughty,
think I should be a buddist but I hate flies and slugs lol
What Heather Mills McCartney is doing is fantastic. She has changed quite a few things, like a big designer company J Crew has stopped fur on their clothes cos She protested outside their shop and went inside and told customers not to buy from them and also had a flat screen tv attached to her playing the skiing of a german shepherd. It worked which is the main thing.

Also Burberry is stopping from this autumn too. Also it looks as if the EU is bringing ina law to stop the killing of dogs and cats for their furs in Europe. Yes it does go on right on our door stop. Not in the UK but in the Czech republic. They showed a blanket of fur of domestic tabby cats (20 of their furs) it was upsetting but I'm so glad I watched it. They also highlighted the celebrities who are into fur. The biggest name is Jennifer Lopez and now my views have change with her. Other big names who refuse to stop wearing fur.

The other shooking thing that Heather highlighted was even if an item says fake fur it probably will be the real thing but just a cheap version. Heather went to a stall that was set up in one of Londons main streets. He was selling scalves with so called fake fur balls on it. Heather bought several and they were tested. They found that is was rabbit fur. Now how bad is that. Just think those people who bought those items thinking they were buying fake fur cos of what they beleive and they are actually the real thing. So I'm not buying anything that has any fur or fake fur now just in case.

I'm a veggie. I had to become a veggie due to medical problems but my views have changed and so glad i'm a veggie. Its strange how we all change. Only 4 years ago I was someone who ate steak BLUE.
think I would have thrown up if a steak was blue and on my table, once my hubby had a steak brought to the table for him and I called the waiter over and said " he wanted his well done, a good vet would have that running about again", the waiter could'nt stop laughing hubby was sooooo embarrased but he got his steak well done, and we could hear the chefs in the kitchen laughing, bet he learnt a lesson,
I knew if i did watch the programme I would have been in tears for days, my 17 year old son was mortified when I explained about seal pups he wanted to go over and whack the idiots doing such a cruel thing, but i was crying while telling him about it, and in yesterdays paper was a week old pup put in a sealed chocolate tin dead of course, grrrrrrrrr no excuses here just plain evil, as scrappy doo would say" Let me at them, let me at them" >:( >:( >:(
petition signed
i was seeing the videos and stopped coz i was just getting nauseous. its just too painful.
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