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Hi for the last couple of days, Ive been seriously thinking of re homing, as you know Ive got Dora and Loula who are babies.I'm lucky to say Ive got plenty of room indoors for them and lots of time to spare.I keep reading about the great job you guys do on here rescuing piggies and i have been thinking of re homing a rescue piggy or a couple.Ive got plenty of room for another cage and my girls have an indoor run and hopefully in the summer with an outdoor run they will enjoy the summer sunshine.If i did decide to re home and they were to be sows could they be introduced to each other to share some time in the run together , obviously if i was to re home boars they couldn't ( as i want to help the problem bot cause I keep reading about single boars and god my heart goes out to them but if i was to re home a single boar would that be cruel because they would all be in my living room together and i know he would smell them.Or do you guys think i should wait for Dora and Loula to let bigger before i open my door to some more piggy antics? Anyway any advise or views would be fantastic.Sorry i keep putting if, but i take having pets seriously and want to do the best for everyone. Thanks in advance Liz x


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Feb 17, 2006
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Hiya Liz, I think if you can provide a big enough cage you could probably keep a group of sows together. They say even numbers work best so nobody gets left out. Who knows you may even be able to offer a home to a neutered boar to live with that little hareem. Guinea pigs are addictive and Iam sure many of us on here started out with one or two and kept going up to our maximum housing space! I think its great you are thinking of getting any new additions from a rescue. :) How exciting!
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