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this is really funny

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Thought I would tell you a story of what happened to me this afternoon.

I was sitting in the car outside my son's school waiting to pick him up. I decided to read my OK magazine. So I flicking through the pages and started reading a page when this little voice from the back says “that Daddy, that’s daddyâ€. I said “who him?†and she(my little girl) said “YESâ€. Well I fell about laughing cos the picture she was pointing at was George Clooney. GOD IN MY DREAMS !



This was one of my friends responses to that story which sums things up perfectly "Well, out of the mouth of babes. You did say she was an immaculate conception. Maybe George is God"

I kept telling my hubby I am going to get another part time hubby to fill in the time he's not home and I forgot to tell you all George was my other part time hubby. Damn my secret is out now! LOL

Michele aka Mrs Mod
LMAO! aww that's not nice.. but if you're daughter thinks he's George Clooney then there might be an element of truth in it! LOL :D :D :D
I'm telling you now he looks nothing like george clooney. My daughter is 2.5 years old. LOL not saying he's ugly which he isnt but he's no way as good looking as georgie. In my dreams he is but when i wake up its a disappointment LOL. thats when he is in bed with me which isnt that often. LOL
LOL that is a funny story. Does your hubby know that someone thinks he looks like George Clooney? ;D
I emailed him and his response was "I know what was she thinking, he's an ugly b******!

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