Tribute To all rainbow bridge pets and owner

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Susie's tears fell from her eyes, someone had left, she didn't understand why.
An empty cage sat on her cupboard,
bedding still lay,
and the food left untouched in a tray
but their was a special note
she could not see
but hear in her heart
from the one who left de.

"Thankyou for letting me stay
so sorry i had to stray
My cage mates who have past took me to the sky
and over rainbow bridge
so dont cry over me please
go share your love on a little kid
a young piggy who needs a home
who sits in a cage all alone
when it his turn to go i'll bring him up to this place
but i will always reserve one special place
for someone who stayed with me to the end
I'm waiting for you my best friend  :)

In memory of All piggies that have passed on to rainbow bridge :'(

by natalie x (lilgalnatalie)


thankkyou all 4 your comments . :'( i cried wen i typed it :'(
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