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Update on our two :)

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Teenage Guinea Pig
Jul 27, 2010
Salford, Greater Manchester, UK
Hi everyone,

It seems a while since I've posted anything because, mainly the boys have been in good health, are happy and are being very good little piggies.

To everyone who has helped us over the past few months - a big thank you! Biscuit and Caramel are our first piggies and we and they have really benefitted from all your advice and help.

Biscuit has been health problem free for a while (touch wood!) and is putting on weight nicely (about 950g). He's still a very curious little piggy who thinks he's a bit of a squirrel but we can handle it and he's extremely affectionate towards his daddy!

Caramel weighs close to 1.1kg now and is a very relaxed little piglet. He and his mummy seem to have a very strong bond and he doesn;t really like me looking after him when mummy's not around!

I've put some new photos in an album on my profile so pleae have a look! :)

I hope to put some more on soon :)

Big hugs from us :p :)
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