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Using a nebuliser

Once you’ve got the set up sorted it’s not been tricky really in our case, although it is a bit of a faff fitting it in. Mabel seems totally ok with it, I find she makes more of a fuss having cream on her foot than going in this!

It does help, sometimes it makes her go from very honky to clearing her throat after a time in the nebuliser and then sounding much better, I think it’s the way it clears the mucus. She still honks a bit and it hasnt gone completely but it is definitely improved.

I got the machine from Argos I think.

Good luck and keep us posted if you try it, I hope it helps. I’m glad primrose is robust and sturdy otherwise!
Does your carrier have a lot of holes Vicki? Wondering if I should be using cling film too!

Re Primrose’s owner - the machine comes with some good too, let me know if you want a pic.
Yes, I use a smallish carrier that has lots of ventilation holes at the sides & the top. At first I used to wrap towels all round it to cover the holes but over time found it easier to wrap it in numerous layers of cling film so only the door has exposed openings needing a towel over them.
I have spoken with our vet re nebulising and how difficult it can be, although you both seem to have had good success with it. We’ve put Primrose in her carrier in the bathroom when we’re having showers but honestly it doesn’t seem to have made a difference. Primrose is a v sturdy piggy who’s somehow managed to put weight on whilst on antibiotics 🤣 but her breathing is so raspy. She’s bright eyed and seems well bless her but I want to see what I can do to help her moving towards…. I’ll get shopping later. Thank you again for your help!
One of my heart piggies used to go in daily for a saline nebuliser session. It used to really help her.