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vets on Monday

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Jan 24, 2006
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West Cornwall
I'm taking Dr to the vet again tomorrow. Although he has been eating he isn't getting any fatter and tonight he started having diarrhoea again. Something is not right.
Dr has lost even more weight - he now weighs 550grams. (less than half of Riffy's weight) The vet has looked at his teeth and said they wre good and full of food. So I am right and he is eating (I had wondered if he's just been pretending to eat). Dr has had another injection of B12 vits to make him hungry and something else , a steroid i think, to prevent weight loss. We have also got Bio Lapis diarrhoea medicine and more recovery food. the vet wants to see him in 3-4 weeks again for a weigh in.
Poor Dr. He hates going to the vet and he hates injections and you should see the job I've just had trying to get his medicine down!
Oh dear :( - Well if Dr is eating now I am sure his weight will increase. Do you have any digital weighing scales? - I got some at tesco for less than £20. That way, you can monitor his weight each week until he has to go back to the vet so you can show what you have noticed each week!
no I haven't. I tried to weigh him on the kitchen scales but I don't think they're very accurate and he hated being in the box thing and the scales nearly toppled over! I could always take him up to the vets to weigh him as the scales are in the waiting room and I have seen people do that with dogs.
The digital ones are completely flat so you just sit them on it and it comes up with the reading in grams or lbs! They are very good! Glad I got them!
awww big hugs to you and Dr, am sure that he'll start to put on weight soon.. Afterall if he is infact eating and there is no other problems then he should be fine.

Is he ok in himself? Not quiet or any different?

Kelly and piggies xx
That's what is so weird. He seems chirpy and is playing with the others. Just after he had his teeth done (4 weeks ago) he was very quiet and just sat in the corner looking glum. But now he is back to himself again. his coat looks good , having been quite dull when he was ill, and his eyes are shiny. The vet said he looks well apart from the skinniness. You can feel his ribs and backbone. It's so sad. But i trust my vet as he has been very good with guineas.

Thank you for your hugs!
Seems like he's on the mend then.. Just losing weight! hmmm.. has he been tested about whether he is intolerant in something? That make sense? I mean if we can be intolerant and sometimes not digest things properly, then surely piggies can be the same to a certain extent?

]Hugs again!

Kelly and piggies xx
I really hope that Dr gets better very soon, it is a worry that hes losing weight :-\ Have you been giving him any extra probiotics? It might help restore the good bacteria in his stomach and then help him to put weight on :) Please give him a gentle hug from me :)
thanks Wheekster! He is on one packet of probiotic medicine a day (to help diarrhoea) and as much recovery food as I can get in (vet's words!)
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