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Wasps and Bees

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One of my guineas was stung once it was my first piggie Guilbert but i was young so i have to reliy on my mums account of it. she says that he just 'squinnied!' and then he was ok, apparantly there was a nest of wasps just by their hutch so its no suprize really! that was what i was told so don't take it as gospel it was along time ago, my rabbits attack a bee last year but my dad sorted it before they got hurt. as for me, i dont mind them i worry when they get close to Charlotte because she cant defend herself, my sister Abby runs a mile and screams! lol x x


My Willow cat was always being stung when he was young. He'd come in with a big lump on his face. I bathed it with a weak solution of vinegar and water to draw the sting out and he was fine.

As for me. I'm a nervous wreck. I stay in my flat as much as possible between May and October, only venturing out when its absolutely necessary or at night. Last summer I sellotaped my net curtains to the window frames so no wasps could get in.
Jan 23, 2006
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went into boys shed this morning and felt some thing drop onto my neck then walk round under my chin, it was a spider, now i dont mind them, but do object to them cuddling me, he got a quick flick and he scurried away, well I am much bigger then he is would'nt dream of killing it though, flys now then they are different matter my favourite sound is my zapper going Ping!
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