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Wee Eric's pee

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Hi All,

I'm the other half of Eric's parents, Lucy, and we are both a wee bitty concerned about Eric. As you are maybe already aware he does this funny jumpy thing just before we go to bed and he scoots around his house like a mad wee thing.

But last night I noticed that he was having a pee every couple of minutes. I also noticed that he had drunk a lot (we re-fill every day so can tell how much he is drinking) and almost 60ml had gone today! I thought piggies only drank about 10ml per day?

So, I'm now a bit worried that he has some kind of urnine infections as humans do sometimes. Oh, he also dragging his behind on the floor a lot.

Anyone have any advice? We are going to take him to the vet asap!

Lu and Daz and of course, Wee Eric xx
Hi, First of all thank you for joining our forum.

The jumping thing your piggy is doing is called popcorning. It means he is happy.

All piggies are different some piggies like my own dont drink anything unless its a very hot day. Some drink loads. It does depend on what you givve them to eat. If you give them loads of cucumber and lettuces they are getting there water from that. If you arent then they need to get it else where.The draggin of his behind. HAve you had him long and is he the only piggy you have? You may find he is putitng his scent around. Do you have a good piggy vet near you? It may be wise to get him checked out just incase. Where do you live?
Didn't know there was a forum for piggy's so was delighted when we found it!

I thought the jumping around almost looked like he was having a fit or something. Only seems to do it later on at night and it looks quite violent at times.

He gets some veg/fruit once a day and still drinks a lot. Not sure if there are any good vets here (Edinburgh area) that specialise in piggys, but I'll have a look and see what I can find. We only have the one, so not sure why he's dragging his bum. Wishing we'd got two at the same time. Have been told if we added another now they would probably fight.

Thanks for your advice.

Darren, Lucy and Eric.
If you give Vedra at the CCT(Cambridge Cavy Trust) a call she will let you know the best vets in your area 07721026401. Your boar is just getting excited bythe sounds of it. What sort of fruit and veg are you giving? How old is he and do you have more than 1 piggy?
We just have the one piggy although would like to get him a wee girlfriend. Would have to get one of them 'fixed' though.

Thanks for the advice on sourcing a local piggy vet - will get right onto that!

Thanks again,
Lu, Daz & of course Wee Eric!
Like Michele said Eric is popcorning, meaning he's happy! It's a really good sign and something you should enjoy watching!

About the drinking. That sounds quite ok that he is drinking loads and aslo weeing! My Tonic drinks like that sometimes, and other times, he hardly drinks.

There's probably nothing wrong, he's just a thirsty piggy who likes his water!

xx Kelly xx
Wishing we'd got two at the same time. Have been told if we added another now they would probably fight.

i thought that about my adult male but hes been friends with two other males (at different times) but it is a bit tedious bonding them and yes the CAN fight but if the other male is young and by young i would suggest 8 weeks or under you might be ok, i have got a new baby now called Eddie and hes getting on great with Zubin who lost his second buddy earlier in the year i dont no much about uti so i cant help you in that respect good luck with it and welcome x
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