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What are you views on Mixes?

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Just curious to know.. What is everyone's views on mixes like Gerty for example?

I have heard that Gerty is very bad for piggies as it has artificial colours in it.

My boys are on Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch and they love it ;D


I found that my guinea just picked out what they wanted rather than what there bodies needs. They are on super guinea now.
I agree to all what has been said :) I also think the bits in it are quite sharp.
I feel it depends on the mix I would guess? I was in a shop at the weekend that sold animal bits (not a pet shop) and was looking at the ingredients of some, curiousity really, and found that some where really unsuitable as it contains seeds!

Clare x
I have never had any problems with Gerty. My guinea pigs that live with my mum always are changing which food they like all the time. They eat everything but then after a while they decide they want a change

my piggies LOVE gerty pig. they arent too happy with Supa Burgess. My piggies eat all the bits too. I recommend with any mix that you give it a good stir.

I do not feed Gerty as I have a pig with bladder and kidney problems and the yellow colouring in Gerty can aggrievate this kind of thing.

I do prefer mixes to pellets however as I think a pellet diet is very bland. Would you like to eat the same thing all day, everyday?

At the moment I'm using PAH museli but I do use all sorts - including Dr Johnsons and Tescos own. As long as you mix up new and old foods well to avoid tummy troubles there is no problem!
My piggies are on Spillers Guinea Pig Muesli, and they love it. I make sure not to overfill bowls so that they eat all that is in them, rather than picking out what they want :) Sometimes I buy a bag of the PaH nuggest and mix them in, so that they have some variety. They really enjoy them ;D But like all piggies, mine love their variety of vegetables. As long as they are getting those they are happiest, lol.
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