What to do ?

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Me and Stu have been thinking long and hard about the pigs and stuff..

We came to the conclusion that we dont spend enough time with them and we dont think its fair on them. We love them all so dearly but we cannot give them the quality time that they really need and were thinking of getting rid of them.. because of this and because we both end up in rashes when we handle them :(

We just dont know what to do with them

Its heart breaking :(


How many do you have, were you thinking about rehoming some or has that decision not been made yet? Must be a hard desicion to make, keep us posted when you know what you would like to do. Good luck H78


We've got 10

we feel it would be better to rehome them because they would get the quality care that they deserve and that we are not giving them.

i just feel like a failure and like a bad owner.. who got too over her head and thought she could cope when she couldnt and we are like skimping on shopping because we cant afford to buy loads of food for us :(


I'm sure that you will know when the time is right.
Probably take some pics & post here just to get an idea of interest before you make a definate desicion...


i just dont know what to do its a really hard decision.. i love going out to them in the morning and evening and hearing them wheek and giving them a cuddle but i just dont get them out to run around a lot.. and the whole effort thing of going outside.. if we didnt have them we wouldnt have to go out into the garden..

probably just laziness..

its just the whole money situation at the moment..

10 pigs, a rabbit and a dog..

we are due to be married in May and need to somehow save £2000 but its just not going to happen..

its such a nightmare.. then christmas coming too.. i just want to cry


OK at least you've identified a problem & are trying to deal with it...have you thought of maybe fostering them out till after the wedding if you really don't want them to go? I would be happy for a group of girls to come here for 6 months...
Aug 9, 2006
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that does sound like a good idea... if your life quietens down in half a year, you might miss all your piggies..

well if they are just being fostered, you can just have them back :)

its such a difficult and tough situation, having to give your piggies away, and you never know whats going to happen in the next half year or year. If you still think after that time, that they would be better off with someone else, you can still look for new homes for them.


Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems.

Don't make any rash decisions, but if you feel you really can't cope, maybe consider keeping a couple of them and as suggested in an earlier post, try and re-home via this site.
Maybe you have a good local guinea pig rescue that could help you to place them by keeping their ears open for homes?

If you come to a decision, let us know and I am sure that you will get all the support we can muster :)

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