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Wiebke's Home Support Care Guides - Contents list and subforum link

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Mar 10, 2009
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1 What are Wiebke's Home Care Support Guides?
2 Contents list with direct links

1 What are Wiebke's Home Care Support Guides?

This new subforum contains detailed advice for supportive care at home to compliment any medical care.
You can access it via this link here: Wiebke's Home Care Support Guides

The guides contain support care tips for health monitoring, human/guinea pig contact during illness and pregnancy, acute illness care, common illnesses, long term frailness/disability asupport, bereavement.

You can find a list of the contents with shortcut links to the various guides in the next post.

For medical and home care advice for critically ill guinea pigs please see our Emergency Care subforum.
Emergency Resources and Critical Illness Care - Subforum Link

The home care guides do NOT replace veterinary care but are focussing on what you can do for your guinea pig at home during any medical treatment or in need of long term support.

Some guides may also contain advice on what concerns to raise with a vet not experienced in guinea pigs and what to look out for in terms of possible longer term complications.
Any special medical and medications advice has been proof-read and recommended by an experienced exotics nurse. I have included active ingredients in medications to allow your vet to find an available corresponding brand in countries other than the UK or US.

Please respect that I cannot give the full care advice in my various guides to every single member and that the advice can often not be condensed into just two short sentences!
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