Will be away..

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I will be away for 2 weeks however this week, I will be able to come online occasionaly.

I am in America with my family with my grandparents and my other grandma. She has a computer in her house however next week, I am going to Florida with some friends and the family. Then we are coming back to my grandma's, pick her up and she is coming to stay with us for 7 weeks back home in England. She is still very upset of what happened you know, and gets lonely. :'(

Will miss you all!
I hope you have a great time out there, and enjoy yourself! ;D

Clare x
yes, have a super time (i know it will be sad too)
I will miss you!
love, Lucinda xx
Hope you have a good time Livie - as good as it can be..

Thinking of you.. Will miss you lovey.

Take care.. With love and hugs

xx Mrs Player xx
Have fun wiggy and bring us all back some of that sunshine x
Not open for further replies.