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Would Anyone Like Me To Attempt To Draw Their Guinea Pigs?

Dandelion Dream

Junior Guinea Pig
Mar 22, 2014
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Guinea Pig Land
Awww So many cute piggies :)

View attachment 63341 Here is little Fudge. He sadly passed away on 9th April.
I'm so sorry for your loss :( one of my piggies passed away recently on 16 April Easter Sunday it was so sad :( I miss her so much, it's sort of why I want to draw piggies, to cheer me up... this is my Piggy who passed away her name was Peppa she was 4 years old and came from the Pets at Home adoption centre


Are you still offering drawings? I would love my Monty Moo to be drawn... he passed away last Jan.. he was a big part of my life and I may be biased but he was so gorgeous!

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I'm very sorry for your loss. losing a piggy is like losing a friend :( and you're right he looks like he was a very gorgeous piggy :)