Yay! I got a guinea pig!

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I just got a guinea pig today. =D (YAY!)

Anyways its a girl (I think...) and I named her(her?) Mitzi. I got her from a shelter today, I really really wanted a guinea pig and I went to like 3 pet stores and all they had were males, but my mom didn't want any males. (Cause they said they pee more and stuff) I have some questions. 1, they told me it was a girl, but I saw ...her, and she..well, really looks like a boy. :-\ I haven't picked her up or anything, I'm kinda nervous and I want her to get used to me, but I really don't know. I mean when I saw her walking around the cage it looked like a boy. Question 2, what are some cool toys/accessories I can get for my guinea pig? Question 3, after my guinea pig is used to me, when should I try to pick her up? I don't want to scare her.


Well done on getting a piggie

too get your piggie used to you.
do lots of talking to her in a nice calm voice, offer her veggies from your hand
when you pick her up make sure you hold her firm but gentle so that she feels secure, support her under her bottom and keep her close to you

post us a piccie of her if you are able too, we would love to see her



Good toys for your piggie include tunnels, boxes to hide in and even get them a friend .... provided that you get yours and this new one properly sexed and you have big enough accomodation.


My girls love to play chase in their tunnels and they love pushing a soft ball around, both make great toys for piggies! Even moving their furnature around in their hutch or cage occasionly excites guinea pigs!
To get he/she used to you then just try feeding a few pieces of veggies from your hand and stroke it gently while talking to it in a soothing voice. Once you're confident enough to handle him/her properly, then to find out if it's male or female gently turn it onto it's back. In female piggies the genitalia are Y shaped, whilst in the males the testcales will show as two large balls.


I got both boys & girls..an you can fintly tll it's a boy if thr is tsticls, nar th bottom whn you pick thm up.

if your not sur:

[colorr]Amin Not: mov imags as thy wr copyright to anothr wbsit. If you want to s picturs of how to sx a guina pig, go to www.squ[COLOR=Black]aky-pigs.co.uk thn Guina Pig ar thn Boar or Sow?

for th accssoris, thr ar haps of thm to choos from, just pns on what your piggy liks thou.
Som lik ul cups

an som lik just littl houss, pns on th pig.

I us to b nrvous haning my piggis, but you o gt bttr at it with mor practic.If you gt us to thr squaks an noics, you will soon larn what thy want an on't want.

ongras on gtting a Guina Pig ;D
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Sep 14, 2006
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Welcome to the wonderful world of guinea pigs :)

You will adore these fascinating and highly loveable animals

crazy cavies

Hi there
I can remember when I got my first piggie, I was so frightened that I would hurt it when I picked it up, now all my piggies run up to me so I can pick them up. Just a word of warning though, now you have a piggie you will find it hard to stop at 1, if you are like us mad lot on here you will soon find yourself loosing count of how many you have got, Lol, :D. Anyway enjoy your piggie and if you are unsure about anythin just ask, there is bound to be someone on here with an answer.
Jan 23, 2006
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Hello and welcome to the forum! :)

Well done for getting your first piggy! I have 12 at present but have had them for years, many more throughout.

You need to be able to find out the sex. Look at Janella (Julianne's) pictures or even take him/her to the vets for a good check over.
Don't be nervous, it will not make things any easier for you or the piggy to get used o each other.

Talk to him/her and like others have said feed veggies by hand and gently stroke him/her. I would handle him/her soon, as they need to get used to it. I have always handled mine on the very first day of getting them or being born.

Tubes of all sizes are good and also cat ball/bells are quite liked by my lot.

What veggies are you giving her? As you're a new owner you need to make sure that you give him/her the right kind.

Please ask if there's any help you need. It's better to ask then struggle! :)

Kelly xx


Janella's pictures are GREAT. No I'm not a weirdo but I will definitely refer back to these. I'm used to girl guineas from rescue centres & they always know the sex but the last guinea I got was from a girl who thought it was a girl but wasn't sure (she said as it was called Tinkerbell it MUST be a girl!) So I went armed with a book & a description & had a good look at my girls before I went! Anyway, I was pretty sure it was a girl & my sister is a vet nurse so she confirmed it a few days later for me. But a picture is so much better than a diagram. Thanks Janella!


Its a boy. :D Kinda like =/ to the shelter though, cause I dont know how they messed it up.

Anyways, I named him Bimbi! =D And I have pictures, too!




Sorry it took a while to reply, I was grounded. And I picked Bimbi up, now hes really comfortable with my picking him up and we watch tv together. And hes got chicken feet! =O I didnt know guinea pigs had those. (lol)


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Sep 7, 2006
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Aw he's lovely! Tell mum not to worry, boys don't wee anymore than girls unless he drinks a lot! You may in fact find he is more placid and friendly than some girlies can be. enjoy him and keep picking him up as the more you handle him, the tamer he will become. :) a cheap way to entertain a guinea pig is to stuff a loo roll with hay. I have a plastic cat ball with a bell inside tied to the side of the cage and my guinea lets me know when he's up and about when i hear the bell ring!


I'm about to go out now, and I was thinking about getting a cuddle cup thing if I could...but wouldnt he pee in that? :-\

Thanks! What kind of guinea pig is he? I dont know, and I read a list of all the different kinds of guinea pigs and I was just kind of confused.

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