Managing Email

Automatic Watched Thread Email Alerts:

The forum software gives you the option to recieve email alerts to watched threads.

By default this feature is enabled.

To disable it as a default action go to your account menu and click "Account Preferences" or click this link: Account Preferences

And uncheck "and receive email notifications of replies"

which is below "Automatically watch threads that you create or when you reply..."

When finished adjusting your settings click the "Save Changes" button.

Managing Email Alerts For Existing Threads:

If you're already recieving email alerts for watched threads you can disable them.

Click the "Watched Threads" menu item or click this link Watched Threads

On the top right you'll see a link "Manage Watched Threads", hover over it and a menu will appear below it.

Select "Disable Email Notifications".

You will be presented with a pop-up asking "Are you sure you want to update your email notification settings for all threads?" click "Save Changes".

Email notifications will now be disabled. If you perform both tasks covered on this page you should no longer recieve emails for thread activity.

Conversation Emails:

If you wish to disable email notifications for new Conversation Messages, open your account menu and select "Contact Details" or click this link: Contact Details.

Untick "Receive email when a new conversation message is received"

Click "Save Changes", you new preferences will be enforced immediately.

Site Mailings:

From time to time we may send mass mailings to our members, these are related to The Guinea Pig Forum and aren't commercial in nature (announcements, alerts etc.).

If you don't wish to recieve site mailings then open your account menu and select "Contact Details" or click this link: Contact Details. And untick "Recieve Site Mailings"

Click "Save Changes", you new preferences will be enforced immediately.*

*We reserve the right to overide this preference in the event of a security issue which you need to be alerted to or in order to prevent a service disrupting event.

Do You Spam / Send Marketing Emails?

No, we only send what users have implicitly requested via their account preferencees.

If I No Longer Wish To Recieve Email From TGPF Should I Mark Them As Spam?

No, please use the information provided on this page to adjust the email we send you. Marking our emails as spam will permentantly prevent email being sent to your registered email account, the forum software will automatically deactivate the account until it is able to send email to your email account. This is to help prevent spam and to ensure you're able to recieve important emails.

If you've marked an email from TGPF as spam by mistake, please unmark it, or even better add us your contacts/whitelist (contact us for details).

I'm Seeing An Error At The Top Of The Page Mentioning Email

As described above you mark our emails as spam the forum software will consider your email invalid and it must be changed. This check is also in place if your email address doesn't exist any longer, this is to ensure any emails we transmit reach their intended audience and protect the privacy of user accounts.