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  1. K

    Introducing a new aby boar to a sheltie boar

    I had two boars, one of which passed away last month after receiving the news what he had was not curable. The Sheltie (nearly 8 months) left has been fine in himself since it happened usual personality, habits etc. The exotic vet believes he will have already understood for a while what was...
  2. S

    New Guinea Pigs Behaviour

    Hello! I’m new here as I have just got my little guinea pigs 😁 they are 2 months old and came home with me 5 days ago now. Me and my boyfriend already have so much love for them and spend a lot of time talking to them, holding and stroking them. I will attach a little video of them in their play...
  3. Celine298

    Happy Christmas To You All :)

    I'm going to be super busy this Christmas because we have a lot of family home, so I probably won't get posting this later on so.... Lola - Jean and Sunny Hughie Anthony would like to wish a Happy Christmas to all the piggies, piggy owners and piggy lovers out there! (and to all the cats...
  4. Celine298

    Happy Birthday Lola-jean :)

    Today is Lola-Jean's birthday! Well, it's a celebration of the day I got her :P She a little pocket-rocket, full of business and energy! Constantly chatting to her brother Sunny, or anyone who'll listen, the loudest of wheekers and a fearless little explorer who (I discovered quite early on)...
  5. Celine298

    Our Little Photo Shoot

    Letting my guys outside for lawn-time is a problem because I'm in Ireland and it rains 360 days of the year here! :td: Generally, our lawn is too wet for the piggies. Lately though, I have begun letting them out on our patio. They get their exercise and can nibble at the lawn bordering the...
  6. B


    I have two Abyssinian guinea pigs (Spaghetti and Hoops), they both shed but Hoops is much worse than Spaghetti. I use a slicker brush and a soft baby brush (although it feels like I could brush her forever and the hair would keep coming out - it's a miracle she's not bald!). With the heat at...
  7. Bella123

    Introducing......my New Additions.

    Hi Everyone, I've been on the forum for two weeks now and have yet to post any photos of my two lovely additions. I've seen so many lovely pictures :love: :love: , I thought it would be nice to put some up too. I got them...well six weeks as of today, and am very much enjoying looking after...
  8. Celine298

    Snip Snip

    Hey guys! Today is the day, my little boy Sunny is going for 'the snip'. Not only did I feel soooo guilty last night for not feeding him (his 12hr fast began at 9.00pm) but I'm also really worried about his operation today! My vet is excellent, all our pets have been to them in the past...
  9. Celine298

    New Girl

    I'd like everyone to meet the new baby, Lola-Jean! She's an Abby, like my other piggy Sunny. they've had a quick introduction, and it was a massive success! Sunny did a bit of rumble-strutting, a lot of grooming of her little face and seems absolutely delighted to have a new sister...
  10. Celine298

    My Little Blob Of Fluff

    Just a few pics of my munchkin, Sunny, and me. He loves snoozing in his hay on warm days because the sun shines into his cage in the afternoon. He's also quite fond of sucking our fingers during cuddle time He's a nine months old abby who's addicted to kale ❤
  11. Keiko The Pig

    Piggy Family!

    The top picture is of Milo's family! Mom (Pebbles) and his two sisters, ; Sara (the one climbing on little Milo), and Cindy, light brown, dark brown and white bottomed piggy. I just thought this was so cute I had to share it. Pebbles has now been adopted out with friend Wilma (hehe love those...