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  1. H

    Pneumonia in Young Guinea Pigs

    When I adopted my first guinea pig, I knew something was wrong. He NEVER made any noise and was very aggressive towards people and other pigs. I brought him to different vets for three months and they all said he was fine. He began to trust me and I started to see him popcorn. A couple weeks...
  2. Lil3piggies

    Help! Bitten Ear!

    Hi everyone, I've just come to check on the piggies and Arlo has got a bitten ear! Il post a photo but you can't see it clearly, there's a bit of blood. What should I do :( do I have to separate them or not? I have 3 boars and they are currently in a hutch together but inside. I'll try and...
  3. Salt and Pepper

    Red Urine, Advice Please

    I have two female piggies just over 4 years old. We noticed that one of them had red urine a couple of months ago so took her to the local vet where she was given antibiotics for a UTI. The antibiotics appeared to clear up the problem and the red urine stopped. A few weeks later we noticed that...
  4. alf1et

    Flying Saucer Wheel

    I have a flying saucer wheel and I know some tips have said wheels are bad for a guinea pig but this is flat so would it help with exercise or is it too dangerous?
  5. K

    Guinea Pigs Seem Sad Since Moving To The Shed

    hi everyone, This is probably a silly question.. we moved our boys to the shed last weekend because of all that horrible rain and wind as our garden isn't very well protected from the elements! I've ordered a snugglesafe to keep them warm in the evenings and I'm going to dig out an old duvet...
  6. T

    Nebulisation In Uk?!?!

    so I'm part of a Guinea pig group on Facebook and after having my pig for over 6 months she has been up and down with respiratory issues- this is due to a severe long respiratory infection she had very young with a previous owner. It recently flared up and she was taken to the vets and given...
  7. F

    Fighting Boars: What To Do Next?

    Hello A little background on the situation first: Early this year we lost one of our older boars leaving another by himself. He seemed very unhappy alone so I spoke to a local rescue I have used before and we agreed that the best option was a baby boar to keep him company. As the remaining boar...
  8. T

    Barbering- What Does It Mean?!

    I recently introduced a new piggie to my herd and she is a Peruvian with luscious locks. I have a few fiesty girls who put her in her place from time to time but I have one pig, who happens to my oldest, who is extremely lovable and docile- Marm. I recently had to put Marm's 'cage mate' to sleep...
  9. sweetened0wl

    Help With Ramp

    My current guinea pigs have never used a ramp before. I spent a considerable amount of cash on a nice outdoor enclosure for them for the warm seasons, it's two stories but they seem to be afraid of the ramp. My previous guinea pigs had an indoor enclosure with a ramp that they used perfectly...
  10. bumbling-bambi

    Is My Piggies Loosing His Voice?

    So I've noticed one of my boars (Womble) has a slightly raspy sounding wheek when he knows food could be about! He's a good healthy weight (I'm checking regularly as they grow anyway) is eating fine and seems totally normal but he just seems to loose his voice for a couple of wheeks and then...
  11. Elgifu321

    Need A New Cage Mate For My Bereaved Piggie

    my piggie Rupert has been on his own almost a week now and his behaviour has changed- he's hiding more and not moving around etc. I've been giving him extra cuddles but I know it doesn't make up for piggie company. I was looking for rescues near me and found cavy haven and made an appointment...
  12. Sach15

    What Age Can Babies Go Outside?

    In good weather the adult guinea pigs go outside into a run with a hutch attached. Now olive has had the babies she stays in the shed during the day with the babies whilst the older girls go outside in the run. At what age can the babies start going outside with all of the other Guinea pigs? I...
  13. Sach15

    Pellets For Babies

    what pellets are best for feeding babies? I currently have supreme science selective Guinea pig food which my adults eat but don't know what type of pellets my babies should be eating? They're a week old and don't know if they even eat pellets. Advice would be great! Thanks
  14. crnyng

    New Baby Pig W/ Flaky Red Ear; Suggestions?

    New here so not quite sure how all this works. Anyhow though, about a week ago I picked up two new little girls and one had an URI which I am giving medicine but the other I recently found has a flaky ear. It looks like it either got nibbled a little or she scratched it too hard as well because...