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Pneumonia in Young Guinea Pigs


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Mar 19, 2018
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When I adopted my first guinea pig, I knew something was wrong. He NEVER made any noise and was very aggressive towards people and other pigs. I brought him to different vets for three months and they all said he was fine. He began to trust me and I started to see him popcorn. A couple weeks later, I took in my second pig who was able to become my piggies friend. He began to look and act soooo much better. I thought his previous behaviors were due to stress and anxiety. However, things took a turn for the worst and both of my piggies began to cough and sneeze. I found a new vet who said that they both had really bad pneumonia and he didn't think they would live. Today, they are both alive and healthy. In this post I'm going to share with you how I helped them pull through.

1) Vitamin C, Vitamin C, Vitamin C:
EVERY HOUR DAY AND NIGHT I would syringe feed them 2mL of liquid vitamin C. They can't make their own vitamin c and they need it now more than ever.

2) Get Oxbow Critical Care:
Critical care is a mushy blend of vitamins that will make sure your pig is getting what they need. I gave them the suggested amount (its listed on the package) in the morning by syringe. My pigs still ate on their own, but I gave them this because the lack of nutrition could easily kill them in seconds.

3) Their cage needs to be spotless:
Every day clean your piggies cage! The last thing they need is to be sitting in urine and bacteria.

4) Start up your humidifier by their cage:
The more moisture in the air helps mammals breathe better when they have respiratory issues.

5) GIVE them their MEDICINE ON TIME:
This may seem simple and obvious but people get lazy. They will continue to suffer and get worse until they die if you don't give them their prescribed medications. If you are too busy to give them the proper care then give them to some one who will.

6) Give them easy access to food and water:
When someone is sick the last thing they should be doing is running around. Sometimes piggies won't get up when their sick to drink or eat. I took basic doggie dishes and filled them with water, hay, pellets, and veggies.

7) Keep them stress free:
Do not pick them up or touch them unless you have to. I know it is hard not to cuddle your best buddies but stress will only make it worse. Put them in a quite room and separate them from other healthy pets.

These things helped save my piggies and I hope this will help some of you! If you have any more questions feel free to ask! At the end of the day your pig has to save itself , but he or she NEEDS support. My eldest pig was around 9 months of age and the younger piggy was estimated to be 4 months old. They both are happy, healthy boys and have been healthy for some time now!

Best Wishes,