health advice

  1. G

    Barbering or something more?

    Hi, We recently got a young male (around 10/11 weeks) to go with a 2 and a half year old male who lost his companion of the same age. The introduction between Baby and Ted seemed OK and apart from trying to work out who the boss is (seems to be Baby as Ted is quite timid). That said there has...
  2. Z

    Specialist Dislocated tail-tailbone

    Hello, We took our Guinea pig, Bo, to the vet yesterday because he was acting a little strange and they took an x-ray. Bo has a dislocated tailbone (coccygeal vertebrae after a quick google search), the bones do not appear broken on the x-ray. Has anyone experienced this before? And how...
  3. NuggetHead

    Is she sick?

    I’m worried my piggy Otis might have Something she has a little crust around her eye and is sneezing a bit more then what seems like the normal amount and has been a little more irritated when being held, like more squirmy and even a lil biting. I have 2 pigs and I’m not sure which one, but one...
  4. T

    Possible sick pig

    Hello all, I have 4 female pigs. We noticed our pig Kimchi was bleeding from her vagina on Christmas. The day after she was no longer bleeding but We took her to the vet on Friday and was told she's in heat, I know sows do not bleed while in heat and the vet said it could be possibly a UTI and...
  5. E

    Crusty nose

    Hey everyone, I’ve just noticed my pig has a strange white line going up her nose. I’ve had a closer look and it just seems like dried crusty stuff so I’m wondering if it’s just some kind of mucus or something else. I’ve never seen this before so if anyone has any insight please let me know!
  6. Guptheguineapig

    Guinea pig eye closing

    Good evening/night to everyone. My lovely little pig, Tippy, who has a history or middle and now inner ear infections has recently been having her left eye closing/squinting. Her eye appears as if someone is close to her eye and the reflex is to close it, except that its permanently in this...
  7. bee123

    New guinea pig has scabs

    Hi! I recently bought a guinea pig about 2 weeks ago and everything has been fine up until now. I noticed while petting Bee that she has a dryness spot on her ear and a little scab below her other ear. I’ll get her checked out just incase but won’t be able to till this upcoming friday, payday...
  8. Minte

    Specialist Bumblefoot issue.

    So a couple of months ago I noticed my boy Cornelius had a scab on his front foot. I took him to vets; we were advised to continue with Epsom Salt feet soak and to peel off the scab to allow the iodine solution to get into the area. Anyways, it didn’t improve... if anything it became more...
  9. ashimay

    Separating two bonded boars whilst treating one for ringworm

    Whilst carrying out the daily health checks on my two boars last night I noticed that Otis had what I suspected to be a fungal infection on one of his ears, a quick trip to the vet this evening confirmed that it was indeed ringworm (in the early stages) and checked over my other boar and...
  10. Tinychels

    Guinea pig breaks her front tooth

    Hello! I was doing a health check on my piggies, and I found that Ruby broke her tooth! I’ve seen cases that piggies break their teeth & they grow back on their own. But Ruby almost broke her entire tooth :(. Her vet isn’t open today, & the soonest I can bring her in is probably Thursday. She’s...
  11. S

    Yellow and fat tooth

    I’m not sure why his tooth is this way, it happened a week after he broke off both of his top teeth.I can’t afford going to an exotic vet and I’m not sure how serious it is, the web is very confusing because I couldn’t find any information on this.If you know what’s wrong with Charlie, Please...
  12. crunchyjam

    Dental My guinea pig has a really bad gum infection! Help!

    We have already took her to the vet, and we were given medicine. She has been taking the medicine and all, and the infection has now moved in her mouth. The infection started below her bottom incisors beneath the teeth on the gums. Now it has moved to inbetween her bottom incisors, I cleaned it...
  13. Munching Maniac

    Help! My male guinea pig has a really dirty bum area!

    This morning a really bad smell was coming from the hutch and I found this in the cage I have googled it and it came up with how to clean it but even though I do health checks every week I have never seen so much smelly brown gunk. I don’t know if I should clean it myself or not. Urgent advice...
  14. Kyubi0302

    Red marks on nose , please help

    Hello everyone! I'm so glad that I found this site... Its 4 am here and I noticed my guinea pig has red Mark's on her nose. She had a weird crusty nose a few days ago and I put some fungus cream on it because other owners told me she had a fungal infection. I bought her from petsmart and ever...
  15. elris

    please help - itchy guinea pig after arrival of new companion

    hello, i have recently bought a baby guinea pig to be a companion for my one year old lola. from the day that i got her, lola has begun scratching pretty heavily, mainly around her nose and towards her back. i’ve never seen her do this before. i bought a flea/mite treatment and used it on both...
  16. PrincessPig

    My Guinea won’t let me groom him, help!

    Hi everyone, So my guinea pig, ted, is a long haired, and needs grooming regularly but he HATES it. I’ve tried all the tricks, such as favourite foods and letting him chill as I do it, he’s ok with me brushing the top of him but when it comes to brushing his belly he flips out. He’ll bite me...
  17. G

    Soft Stool/Poop

    Hi. I have two boars (Carmel and Patches) they get along fine. About a week ago I took them off veggies because of their white pee and soft poop. It was probably more than a week by now though. Right now they’re on a diet of hay, pellets, and fresh water. The soft poop has been going on...
  18. R

    New pups- Salt lick wheels and chew toys, necessary?

    I just picked up two baby pigs today, and whilst i was in the store the assistant kept trying to make me buy all of these health products as part of their "health insurance deal". They told me to buy a salt lick wheel, a "Pet One Lava Crunchy Snack" and the strange one: "Sulphadim for ornamental...
  19. A

    Guinea pig scabs

    My guinea pig has been scratching and biting at his back. I looked at his back and it looks like there are red scabs and some dry skin. I decided to wash him with some special shampoo and after that he stopped constantly scratching and biting but he still has these red scabs on his back and hair...
  20. Rachel1234510

    What's going on with this foot?

    Hey all. I noticed one of our pigs has got a bit of a crusty growth on one of her feet. She had had enough by the time I got a photo of this one so I couldnt inspect the other. Any suggestions? We use Aubiose in the cage and I have been wondering if it may be too tough on their feet.