health advice

  1. S

    Bladder Stones

    Hello! I have a 2 year old guinea pig, Charlotte. Poor girl is having a hard time health-wise. She had to visit the vet on Thursday as I suspected bladder stones. The vet did an x-ray and saw two small stones that she said she could pass on her own. One of these was already in her urethra, and...
  2. Caramelchip18

    Anybody know if you can suddenly develop allergies to guinea pigs?

    So for the past two weeks or so I’ve had a runny nose snd watery eyes that comes and goes. I originally thought this could be a cold or something like that, but today I held my guinea pigs and within 5 minutes my nose was red, irritated and running like water and my eyes were red and watery. I...
  3. C

    Happy pig, or potential respiratory issue?

    Hi everyone! Slinky, my 14 month old male, has started making a noise more frequently lately and it concerns me about his health. I’m saving up for a potential vet visit, but I wanted to see if anyone else knew anything about this noise, in case it’s more common than I think. Since I got him...
  4. Caramelchip18

    Guinea pig lost both teeth

    Please help! I’m a new owner, I’ve had my babies for 2 weeks and I came home from college to cuddle my piggies and discovered Caramel (3 months old) had lost his top tooth and the other was bent inwards and also falling out! I’ve never had this, I check them over and he does chew the bars of...
  5. PipandOreo

    White spot on guinea pigs nose

    Hi, whilst holding Oreo today (about 20 mins ago!) I found a weird spot on her nose. Its white and feels solid, she doesn’t seem in pain when I touch it. I haven’t noticed it before and hold her everyday, so I think it’s appeared very recently. She’s otherwise her normal self, eating and...
  6. G

    Strange poop?

    Hi, I’m a first time guinea owner and I’m worried about my (female) GP poop. I’ve attached a image. It’s all from her. She doesn’t seem to be in discomfort when going, and is going regularly. Please help!
  7. B

    Can pale pink pee e caused by red spinach?

    Hi so i just adopted a baby guinea pig, I dont know her exact age but she is very small but knows how to eat. She is about two months old. She peed pale pink, barely noticable on the white floor. Can this be because today and yesterday she ate a lot of red spinach? I am very worried.
  8. Tlong

    Should you separate cage mates if one may be sick

    I noticed one of my boys Monty started wheezing this evening. He is still running around and eating no eye drainage or cough but occasionally is wheezing. There isn’t an emergency vet near me for exotics so I have to wait till the morning to call and get him in. I just wondered if I should...
  9. Hope4gem

    Baby guinea pig lost weight

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my post. My family has a baby (female) guinea pig who is between 7 and 9 weeks old. (We don't know her exact age because she came from a pet store). We have been weighing her daily and every day she gained weight until today. These are her weights...
  10. Butterscotch&PigPig

    How Should I Apply Ivermectin Mite Treatment to my Guinea Pigs?

    Hi, I have two 3 year old female guinea pigs and both of them have quite bad mite infestations (not mange mite, thankfully!). I first noticed them scratching more than normal about a year ago and immediately checked their fur, but couldn't see anything. Just to be sure we took them to the vet...
  11. N

    malocclusion: what do I do?

    Hello, my name is Ewa and my guinea pig is Apollo! He’s a 6 year old white crested boy. Yes he’s an old guy. So Apollo has malocclusion and has had his back teeth done 3 times over the past 2 and a half months. He is also developing problems with his front teeth growing unequally and the top...
  12. vvipb

    Does my guinea pig have a heart condition?

    Hi, I’m new to forums and stuff so bear with me. So a couple hours ago, I woke up in the night and heard a weird short moaning sound that kept repeating coming from my guinea pig cage, I got my two guinea pigs out (both females) and realised one of them kept on making a hooting kind of sound...
  13. S

    Hay mites

    Hi all I’ve just discovered that my pigs have hay mites this morning I have ordered some lice and easy shampoo from gorgeous Guineas but I’m just wondering does anyone know how to keep these from reinfecting as I discovered that obviously ivermectin is not useful for these mites as they are not...
  14. S

    Found this greasy stuff

    Hi there I’ve just done a health check on my piggy and found this stuff on her backside I’m thinking it’s something to do with grease gland but I’ve never seen it like that before so any help would be appreciated thanks in advance , she is about 14 months old
  15. Puddles1999

    Red jelly thing in poop?

    So today I had Penelope and Minnie out for floor time and I was cleaning up some of their poops on the floor from floor time and noticed this red jelly like glob from a poop. When you touch it, the red color does come off on to you. They haven’t had veggies in a few days because I think they...
  16. Laurenmay

    Where can I get the best F10 solutions?

    Hi everyone, my Vet has told me that my pig needs nebulizing with F10 ready-made antiseptic solution however I'm a bit of a lost cause on where to get the solution from. If anyone has any recommendations they would be very much appreciated. :D
  17. C

    Crusty Nips...

    I just picked up my pet in order to do some cage cleaning and she has this on her nipples I looked into it to see if she had ovarian cysts. I think it’s important for you to know that she is in a cage directly next to a male guinea pig. I often hear them rumble strutting and they have always...
  18. mrs.mcdaniel

    Newborn guinea pig is drooling

    Hello, recently one of my guinea pigs gave birth to 2 baby is completely fine and healthy but the other one seems to have issues...for some reason his own mother kind of neglected him when it was born? and now his drooling all over..and I have no idea what to do... both babies are...
  19. C

    Large black balls

    Hi I’ve noticed my ginger guinea pig has large black balls is this normal? Thank you
  20. N

    Bleeding Guineapig

    My guineapig was bleeding from her anus day before yesterday and i took her yesterday ( There are no exotic vets in my area).he gave two medicines namely Cefpodoxime Suspension And Nefrocare syrup. I gave her this. the bleeding reduced,not stopped though, Later yesterday.evening she...