health advice

  1. A

    Guinea pig scabs

    My guinea pig has been scratching and biting at his back. I looked at his back and it looks like there are red scabs and some dry skin. I decided to wash him with some special shampoo and after that he stopped constantly scratching and biting but he still has these red scabs on his back and hair...
  2. Rachel1234510

    What's going on with this foot?

    Hey all. I noticed one of our pigs has got a bit of a crusty growth on one of her feet. She had had enough by the time I got a photo of this one so I couldnt inspect the other. Any suggestions? We use Aubiose in the cage and I have been wondering if it may be too tough on their feet.
  3. Cavykaiya

    My Guinea Pig has a scab on his foot!

    Is this normal? Both of my Guinea pigs have it! My friend who is a Guineas pig breeder said, it’s just from them grooming themselves. Also they are both fairly young. So, I know that means they are more susceptible to diseases. It is definetly not bumblefoot.It doesn’t quite look like a spur...
  4. O

    Skin Tag Contagious?

    Hi guys, I’ve had my new baby pig for a few days now and she’s moved into the cage with my adult female who I rescued. I had seen a skin tag like flap on my adult pig’s nose before because my rabbit had it too (in the same spot) but never thought anything of it as it doesn’t affect her at all...
  5. F


    Hey all! Totally new to all this. Got my first piggy year and a half ago (Fizzy) caught the fever and got another about 5 months later (Chip) and after that our last one (so we say) Ginger. Obviously there was a lot of strutting from the boss lady Fizzy when we got both, but they seemed to...
  6. E

    Possible UTI?

    I noticed last night that one of my two boys made quiet squeaking noises when he was doing the toilet. After he was done I checked what he had left behind and it was poo, but the poos looked perfectly fine like they usually do. He has been passing urine because I’ve been watching him, and I...
  7. doodlecountry

    Light Colored Poop?

    I noticed that there are lighter poops in the cage that are more of a khaki/tan color and are the same normal consistency and aren't slimy. Usually, their poops are "normal" and I haven't changed their diet. What could cause this change, and more importantly, is it a sign of illness?
  8. S

    Taking care of a runt?

    I just adopted 2 Male guinea pigs from the same litter about a week ago, dont know exsact age but around 2 months. One is a fair amout smaller then the other, pretty sure he was is the runt. He is eating, drinking, looks and seems healthy. Is there any special care runts need?
  9. Brona

    Bonding and general help

    Hi here’s your essay warning but we appreciate any help! We just need some help. My girlfriend and I have had pigs as kids, in particular my girlfriend who’s last pig before we got together lived for 11 years! So when we moved in together we wanted to get some piggies. We lived in a flat at the...
  10. MaddyGK

    White chunky stuff in my guinea pigs' bums.

    Hi there! I have two 1 1/2-year-old male guinea pigs. I was cleaning both of their grease glands, when I came across this really gross, greasy, white, stinky stuff coming out of their bums. It is kind of gritty and has pieces of shavings and hay in it. It smells HORRIBLE! Does anyone know what...
  11. Tinychels

    Crust around the nose

    Hello! I’ve noticed that piggy Akira has some kind of crust below her nose. She usually sneezes maybe once every few days. I took pictures with flash because that’s the only way I can show the crust. Don’t worry, I wasn’t grabbing her head - it kind of looks that way. I have visited the vet once...
  12. H

    Help ASAP

    Hi I’m a new Guinea pig owner and when I fed my guinea pig I felt something rough right under his mouth. I picked him up and saw what the thing was. It was like a small spike (idk how to explain it) there were two. I thought it was grass so I pulled on it (gently) and his mouth moved with it...
  13. OurSmiless

    Swollen foot

    Does this look like a case of bumblefoot? I’m unsure because we just noticed it yesterday. We are trying to get him to the vet as soon as possible.
  14. Alexandra West

    Weird bump on the chin?

    Hey! Finnains birthday is in Friday but I've noticed this... Thing on his chin? He had it a few weeks ago and lost the fur around it but then the fur grew back and now the fir is disappearing and the lump is returning? It's giving his fur a yellow-ish tint? Any help? Like always I'm kinda tight...
  15. Aubrey&Lup'sMum

    Blood in urine?!

    Taking measurements for new fleece just now and I have noticed that my girls' urine is a different colour to usual. It is way darker with a reddish tinge that I am concerned is blood. I have included pics from 3 places today, and also still had some of the puppy pads that I cleaned up last...
  16. S

    Mysterious Marks

    I have 2 Male guinea pigs and we were just checking one to make sure he doesnt have any bumps. And as we were checking him (Charlie) and we found these 2 marks next to his back legs. Does anyone know what these are?
  17. H

    Pneumonia in Young Guinea Pigs

    When I adopted my first guinea pig, I knew something was wrong. He NEVER made any noise and was very aggressive towards people and other pigs. I brought him to different vets for three months and they all said he was fine. He began to trust me and I started to see him popcorn. A couple weeks...
  18. Brona

    Caring for a single guinea after loss of other

    Hi, We’ve just had to put one of our guinea pigs down due to a bad illness and as heartbreaking as it is we want to make sure the other now single pig is going to be okay by himself. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep the single pig happy and okay? We just don’t want to lose both of our...
  19. ChubbyCarrots

    Overweight guinea pig?

    Hello, for a while Coco has been overweight, ever since he was 1 he was overweight but he has reached the peak. He looks like a cuboid now, he drags his dewlap as it is so big. For the past two months we have stopped feeding him carrots in hopes that he would lose weight. Unfortunately we see no...
  20. PigsInTransit

    Sore feet, any suggestions?

    Hi GPF, one of my pigs Lisa has a little sore spot on one of her back feet. My vet found it at the pigs latest check up and i've been keeping an eye on it. She doesn't seem to be in any sort of discomfort, but i know pigs can hide things like that quite well. I've been keeping their cage as...