1. Charlottibiscot

    Bald dry spot below ear

    This is Mabel, she is 4 months old and lives with her sister, Hoggy. Today I noticed this bald spot below her ear with a spot of dried blood. It's a very rough texture and has a silvery sheen as opposed to the rest of her pinkish skin. I haven't seen her itching, and when I press and touch...
  2. H

    Pneumonia in Young Guinea Pigs

    When I adopted my first guinea pig, I knew something was wrong. He NEVER made any noise and was very aggressive towards people and other pigs. I brought him to different vets for three months and they all said he was fine. He began to trust me and I started to see him popcorn. A couple weeks...
  3. D

    What breed is my guinea pig?

    I’m not sure what breed my guinea pig is! He looks like this
  4. M

    Male Making Love?

    So about like 5 days ago i got a guinea pig (male forsure) and the guy who was working at the petshop told me that the other pigs are his brothers. So he also checked them and told me 1 was a girl and the other one was a boy. And today i decided to go back and buy the male so the first pig can...
  5. J

    New Guinea Pig Trouble!

    Hi! I'm new to this forum so I am not sure if I'm posting in the right spot. I adopted two young guinea pigs two days ago. They had been living together before I adopted them for about a week or so. They are both still very small. I feel at a loss. They are very shy and nervous. I do not...
  6. court29x

    Excitable Piggies!

    My 2 girlies have just turned 2.5 months old and they are still as excitable as ever! However enjoyable it is to watch them popcorn about and run around like little rockets, they are quite hard to calm down when it comes to handling them! :)) I'm not worried as eventually after about 10 mins...
  7. A

    2 Out Of 4 Pigs Died In The Last Two!

    Back in the beginning of November I got 4 guinea pigs. One was from someone off of Craigslist, his name was Sammy. I got 3 others from a rescue, their names were Bram, Candy Corn, and Mr. Clean. All males. Within the first week and a half, Sammy died. We later learned that Sammy wasn't 2 years...
  8. A

    Is It Possible That My Piggy Is Still Sick?

    Okay, so 3 weeks ago my sister and I had bought two guinea pigs, Fred and George. George was more than likely sick when we had gotten him, but we were told vitamin C drops would do the trick. NOPE. Poor little George had a pretty strong case of an upper respiratory infection, and without further...
  9. S

    Young Gp: Paralysis And Twitching, Seen Vet, Advice Please

    Hello, Our young boy GP Bob is very poorly. He was limp with his head tilted on one side so we took him straight to the vet but tbh the vet was a bit baffled. He has had a Baytril antibiotic injection and is on oral antibiotics and critical care food via syringe. His back legs appeared totally...
  10. AdamFrench

    Blood On The Fleece - Baffled!

    I have two soon to be 7 month old girls. The little one is always bouncy and full of courage but the big one is typically more reserved, let's the little one test the waters before committing to anything. They had a bit of a disagreement a couple of weeks ago which sounded horrible but no...
  11. lucyr

    Won't Eat Pellets

    I got 2 female guinea pigs this week and we got pellets as I know this is better than muesli (because muesli doesn't give them all the nutrients they need as most guinea pigs only eat the parts they like). However, they haven't been eating the pellets. They have eaten a few, but only a few...
  12. Keiko The Pig

    Confused Dominant Boar?

    I just recently adopted a young boar (Milo) from my local rescue to be a companion for my previously lone piggy Keiko. Keiko will rumble strut constantly, occasionally force Milo's chin up, and a few odd times I have seen him nibble Milo's ears. None of this seems to bother Milo as he follows...
  13. Erica94

    Very Nippy Young Pig

    My pig is not quite a year old, and has recently (the past few months) developed a nipping habit when she is picked up and held for lap time. Otherwise she's very social and sweet, and loves being petted frequently in her cage. In your lap she seems relaxed and happy with her feet kicked out...
  14. Keiko The Pig

    Name Help!

    heres a picture of the young boar I am adopting! Poll to help me name this cutie :)
  15. Keiko The Pig

    My Guinea Pig Thinks He's A Dog

    Hi there, just wondering if any other piggy owners have experienced dog behaviour from their pigs! My boy plays tug of war with his chew sticks, and also chases them around! Though maybe that behaviour is more cat like, as he doesn't fetch! Just tries to catch it as I drag it along in front of him!
  16. Keiko The Pig

    Will Bonding Young Boars Go Horribly Wrong?

    Hi, I've had my guinea pig for just over a month now and he is quite bonded to me recently he has started calling out if I'm out of my room for an hour or two working on the computer. My parents have also noticed this behaviour and agree he needs a friend, however he is quite young and I keep...
  17. BiscuitBeans

    Cost Of Guinea Pigs

    I know that people will give hate on this thread, as I am looking to buy rather than adopt, but I fully support adoption and am only a first-time piggie owner, so would like to buy Guinea pigs. I have looked around before for similar posts, all of which, again, are outdated, on how much a pair...
  18. Guineapigfeet

    Trimming Baby Nails

    What age should you start trimming nails? I don't want them to grow too much as half of them (out of three pigs) are black and long quicks are a pain in the bum! My girls are about 6 months old and still have needley baby claws, apart from one claw on one pig which is a bit thicker and looks...
  19. AhoyRuie

    Help With Bonding Two Boars

    Hi so I recently got two guinea pigs, I first got Calcifer who is about 7 months old and i got Makar who is about a month old a few weeks ago, I recently introduced them and everything went well. There wasnt anything besides mounting and rumblestrutting really so I moved them into the same cage...
  20. Guineapigfeet

    Weigh Day.

    I told the girls that it was weigh-time and afterwards they'd get some veggies - they ran for cover. As soon as they realised the scale's batteries were flat, they came out wheaking for the promised veg! So no weights this week. Chewie is definitly growing (or just getting fatter?) - their...