advice needed

  1. B


    Hi! I’ve been thinking of purchasing this playpen for my two piggies, but I wasn’t sure if the Large size would be big enough. I was considering getting two but the space I have would fit one better. Does anyone have any recommendations? Would one be enough space for them both to run around for...
  2. L

    Guinea Pig Treatment, Possible Overdose, need help

    Hi everyone, I have read these forums for advice in the past but never thought I would be writing for help. I was wondering if anyone had any advice. I brought my 6 month old guinea pig, Arnold, (weighed 750 grams) to an emergency vet late evening as he was not eating that day. He had...
  3. mordeandrigs

    Two piggies showing signs of illness, vet didn't find anything wrong, I'm very stressed

    Hi there, everyone. I am not a new viewer of the forum but I am new to posting. I haven't been able to find exactly the answers I'm looking for so I figured I would sign up and start my own thread. There is clearly something going on with my piggies but I am not sure what. Please bare with me, I...
  4. Angelina_97866

    Bereaved Guinea Pig

    My 4 year old boar (Rhubarb) has recently been bereaved (3 days ago) and his health appears to be deteriorating rapidly. I’m in holiday right now and have been for 2 weeks and I won’t be getting back for another 4 days. My pigs have been with a paid pig sitter and she has told me that...
  5. haylbeth

    Is it safe or not?

    Hi there, can somebody please tell me if its save to use antiseptic spray (RenaSan Animal First Aid Spray) on a wound and also a mite treatment (Beaphar Anti-Mange Spray) at the same time.
  6. A

    Not eating hay even after dental surgery!

    Hi! My 7.5 y/o guin pig Nut has been refusing to eat hay for a while - while having a monster appetite for anything that isn't hay (pellets, veg, critical care, joint supplements I feed him). After a visit to the vet we found out that he has overgrown molars trapping his tongue, and today he...
  7. R


    Hi, this is my first time posting so apologies in advance if I'm not as quick as others. I'll give you an intro before getting to the issue Early 2013 So 10 years ago, (I was 10) I bought 2 female guinea pigs from the most popular pet shop in the UK. (I'll call them P & T) I had a simple cage...
  8. C


    Hello I am new to the site and a first time Guinea pig owner just looking for an answer I have a question about. I bought 2 male Guinea pigs (vet gender checked) about 2 months ago, they are reaching approx 5 months old at the end of June. The boys I have come from 2 different litters. Tonight I...
  9. C

    Bedding Problem

    Hello! I need some advice. Bedding is expensive, really expensive. And so is fleece when you have to wash it frequently. However, I know bedding is a necessity, so I'm trying to find good alternatives or brands that I can use. I use kaytee bedding, big bags of it, but the problem is that I go...
  10. D

    Older Guinea Pig, Rapid Weight Loss

    Hi all! I have a male guinea pig whos maybe about 5 or 6 (don't know his exact age as he is a rescue) so hes an older boy. I just came home from uni and my parents said he wasn't eating as much. I went to check on him and hed barely touched his veg, water or hay and he felt very skinny. Took...
  11. Oinkpiggies

    Is something wrong?

    Hi everyone, i was watching my piggies during floortime and happened to record this. I gave him a Timothy treat that i thought he might’ve choked on, he was like rubbing his face but then seemed fine. Maybe it has something to do with that? Or maybe it was him about to sneeze. I hope it wasn’t a...
  12. X

    Advice needed.

    Got two guinea pigs, coco and snowy. I'm pretty sure they're around two. The past two years have not been the best for them. Previous owners were pretty neglectful and I followed. While I've been caring to them, giving appropriate food and letting them walk around in my room for a few hours a...
  13. bambiandzinnia

    Should I rehome my guinea pigs?

    I have two female guinea pigs both around 1 years old now, I've had them since they were 2 months, I'm starting to struggle with finance issues, and my mental health is beginning to cause some issues, cleaning the cage and interacting with them enough is becoming difficult, they are very timid...
  14. Angelina_97866

    Guinea pig bleeding from bum area

    My male boar has suddenly started bleeding from his urinary area. I’m very worried as it’s quite a lot of blood. What should I do to help apart from take him to the vet which hopefully I can do asap?
  15. Piggy Pancakes

    Re-homing my piggies

    I have had my Guinea pigs for one year and 9 months. I began with 2 and got a third piggy. I now realize they are a lot of work. I don’t know if I can survive the winter with them. I have to sleep with my window open because of the smell. And they are causing my family to get sick. Their cage is...
  16. J

    Sick Guinea pig

    Hi, I am a new owner to two beautiful Guinea pigs. One of my Guinea pigs mango, has been ill for around 10 days now. We suspected a water infection and went the vets on day 2 of being ill, she was given antibiotics baytril for 7 days with the painkiller rhemocam. She reacted badly to the...
  17. jaqs

    Liners & Cleaning

    So as time is going on i am beginning to smell the distinct guinea smell from my two skinny pigs and wondered if anyone can advise me what is the best way to wash fleece/liners? as i wash them 40 sometimes 60oC and can still smell the Pee smell on the liners even after washing them at these...
  18. G

    My Guinea Pig Had a Nose Bleed

    I had just checked the cage about 30 minutes prior to this incident and everything was fine. When I returned back to the cage to give them their dinner pellets, I saw blood all over the food bowl and around the hay feeder. One of my guinea pigs was just chilling in a corner of the cage, acting...
  19. R

    Caring for a Boar after neutering

    Hello everyone, my Boar got neutered today. He is doing very well and is taking his medication, eating and drinking well. However, as he is currently asleep in his hide, I was wondering if I should have washed it beforehand? I apologise for the silly question, however he is my first guinea pig...
  20. LauraJane

    Separated boys

    Hi all, first time poster so unsure if this is the right thread? I have 2 boys (Gideon and Rossi) they were bought together and I was told that they were from the same litter. Their relationship has never been the best with teeth chattering etc but they have never got into fights until recently...