advice needed

  1. jpegmafia

    Caring for Guinea Pigs while disabled?

    For reference, I suffer from chronic pain and fatigue and can’t walk unless I use a mobility aid and can’t even get out of bed some days. I’m worried about my 2 pigs because I haven’t been able to spend time with them as often as I wished. While my mother does help care for them while I’m...
  2. Animallover11

    Concerned for my piggie

    My piggies is making some unusual sounds he seems fine and is eating and drinking normally, it would be great if I could have some advice, thanks so much in advance !
  3. Piggie mama

    Lump or bone? Please help

    Hi all, when picking up my youngest piggie today (he's 10 months) I noticed a hard rounded end lump or bone,I'm not sure which, in between his front legs, I can't feel one on my older pig, however he has quite a bit more fat than my little one. The lump feels as though it is long and curved at...
  4. R

    Was my guinea pig abused by her last owner? She is always scared of me.

    Hello everyone! I already have a thread going about a different problem I have, but I figured since I was already here I could bring up something that's been troubling me for a while. If you haven't read my last thread, I have 5 guinea pigs. The oldest is about 3 years old, and the youngest we...

    First night together!

    Hi there, I’m new here and just looking for a bit of advice. We have just adopted a new Guinea pig today from a rescue. He is a 1.5 year old male and had always lived alone. We needed a new companion for our 10 month old male as he lost his friend recently. The bonding has gone pretty well and...
  6. Livy

    Inflamed lymph node

    Hello I normally do a body check at least once a week on my piggies to check for lumps etc. Unfortunately today I did find a small lump on my 5 year old piggies neck. It is around the size of a pea and is free moving. I called the vet and got an appointment same day. She was diagnosed with...
  7. B

    Sharing Guinea Pigs

    So me and my girlfriend were thinking about getting 2 piggies and co-parenting them. We got both of our parents to agree to the idea and are thinking about building custom cages together and then sharing the piggies (one week my house next week hers). But the more I read the more I think this...
  8. C

    My boys uri doesnt seem to be clearing up

    All 3 of my boys had a uri so vets prescribed them antibiotics. Buttons and ripple cleared up fine after the first week but rolo still had a snotty nose and sneezing all the time so he had antibiotics for another week. That course has finished but he is just the same as before still snotty etc...
  9. Angelcake30

    Small bump on nose

    I just now noticed this strange bump on my piggies nose and I was just wondering if anyone knew what it was and could help me out. Couldnt get this piggie to hold still for anything (she just wanted to see what this strange object was trying to take a picture of her :P) So sorry for the poor...
  10. piggielover21

    Bonding a baby piggie with my two year old piggie HELP!

    HELP! So I've had two boys for two years both just over two years of age. Sadly recently I have lost one, he got poorly and had to be put to sleep :( . My boy Dexter has done amazing since, at first I could tell he missed him but six weeks on he's back to normal. He's a very fat fluffy pipgie...
  11. saba

    If my guinea pigs don't get along, is a divider the way to go?

    Hi, I'm a guinea pig owner of six years, since I was twelve. I had three guinea pigs for a while, but due to one sadly passing away last night I'm writing this. My two remaining guinea pigs don't get along. Blood was shed in their last encounter years ago and I've kept them separated since. The...
  12. bex's gpigs

    Advice Needed: Weight Loss

    Hi there. Hoping someone can shed some light on an ongoing problem. My little Luna 4 on the 23rd has been loosing weight. It started in January and the vet thought it was a possible uri antibiotics seemed to work and she put on over 200g. Then late February came she was loosing weight again and...
  13. Jesse's pigs

    Help- Freaking Out!

    Just returned home to find both piggies fine but the poos (I suspect coming from Mo though most of them are like it so could also be Steve) almost purple? They haven't had beetroot but did have a mixed salad the smorning of red lettuce and normal lettuce leaves- it's not red? And there's a...
  14. SDRB_TP

    Eye Issue (heterotopic Bone) And Euthanasia

    Hi and thank you for clicking on my thread, Well firstly I’d briefly like to say I used this forum obsessively when I first got my piggies 6 and a half years ago and was such a great help to me learning - and I am back with a plea for advice. I’m left with my final piggie now, who is 7 in a...
  15. Pumpkin&Spice

    Would Be Really Thankful For Advice! :)

    Hi! I am completely new to forums and this is the first time I have ever posted a thread but I’m a little concerned about my piggie, Spice, a 7 month old Peru sow who is acting a little under the weather. I thought it’d be worth a shot to see if anyone has any advice/similar experiences. Spice...
  16. Salt and Pepper

    Update: Bladder Stones, Low Calcuim Diet, Advice ?

    Hi, to update you from my last thread, my piggy was sent for another x Ray which discovered a stone in the urethra. The stone was removed then and there with a small incision. She is now at home with a 10 day course of antibiotics (to help heal the scar) and a week course of metacam. She still...
  17. Dana95

    Cage Line Size

    Hello ☺ I was wondering if anyone of you have 2x6, 2x7(or bigger) fleece liners? I wanted to get a new bigger cage and I'm not sure if those big liners will fit into my washing machine and if they wont be to heavy to shake out hay. I would go with few smaller ones, but my piggies often find a...
  18. Cherri

    My Boar Is Biting The Divider In His Cage?

    Hello! I have a very fiesty 4 year old boar, he won't stop biting the divider in his cage. He recently chipped a tooth pretty bad on the wire, and I'm scared that with him biting with little tooth, that he will damage his gums? Anybody have any idea how I can stop him from biting?
  19. Gemm

    Unhealing Wound

    hi My Guinea pig Ruby cut herself on her left back side in April this year and I took her to the vets who said it looked like she has scraped herself on something and not to worry. Since then it has opened a couple of times so I have washed it and monitored her and it hasn't bothered her...
  20. Kallasia

    Fireworks And Loud Noises

    Hi all. With bonfire night fast approaching, lots of fireworks are being set off. Even with the windows closed my piggies can hear them and keep running for cover :( What advice does everyone have for keeping piggies calm and happy?