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  1. Gemm

    Dental Advice please after a dental

    Hi My guinea pig went for a dental 3 days ago. He was VERY groggy and out of it when he came home after his operation and they gave him a subcutaneous fluid injection. He now seems much brighter and happier and seems himself EXCEPT he is still struggling to eat. He is eating thin bits of hay...
  2. sesen

    Heartbroken new mommy

    Hi all, I have been scolling the forums for a while now looking for tips on caring for my guinea pig, unfortunately today was a bad day for me, I will try make this as short as possible. I live in Turkey in an apartment complex, about a year and a half ago I noticed a dog carrier placed in the...
  3. Salt and Pepper

    Bald spots ? Mites ? Advice please

    Hello, my piggy pepper has recently developed a bald patch with raised red bumps on her lower back : We are calling first thing tomorrow morning to book her in. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on what this could be. She is not scratching it and doesn't seem agitated when I touch it. I...
  4. rinlalin

    Piggie Talking To Himself?

    hello all, so my piggie is new to our house, and during the day he is frozen when i come in the room and never makes a noise. however, at night, when i'm laying in bed, i hear him walking around, quietly squeeking/talking to himself while occassionally chewing on the bars and other things in his...
  5. rinlalin

    The Health of PetSmart Piggies

    hello all, as you know I've bought two piggies from petsmart already. I took the first one, pepé, back a few days after and he died within 48 hours. my second piggie, bootsy, got sick a few days after and was taken back to see the vet. bootsy died this morning after nearly a week in their care...
  6. rinlalin

    Am I Bonding Right?

    so i got a baby piggie a few days ago. i let him sit for the first two days or so, and so now i've started to take out his hiding things once a day so i can pick him up and hold him. i figure he probably won't voluntarily come out on his own so i have to take the hides out to bond with him. i...
  7. L

    Quick question:

    Solo, I actually have four Boars, they're grouped in pairs of two. And in one of my pairs, is a Guinea pig who is 9 years old with a Guinea pig who is about 11 months now. The younger one is recently neutered, and I know I can't do anything for several weeks, however I doe eventually want to...
  8. ChubbyCarrots

    My 2 year old bit me!

    Coco has always been so tame and and rarely bites. I don’t even remember the last time he bit me, but today he bit my 3 times! All 3 were bad bites too, 2 left me bleeding and one left a mark. Should I be worried please?
  9. M

    Floor Time Help

    Hi guys, so my wife and I habe had our guinea pigs for 4 months now and generally we have had no problems except a bit of dominance issues (typical boys). Now we like to get our boys out everyday for a few hours of playtime in their pen on the floor. We used to put lino down for them to run on...
  10. ChubbyCarrots

    Fungal Stripe? Please Help!

    His nose before His nose after Hey guys, it’s Lily. I recently noticed Coco had a white line on his nose, I took him out of the hutch immediately because I never noticed it. My other guinea pig, Buddy, doesn’t have the same line. I split Coco’s fur in half and to my horror it was a snowstorm...
  11. winniethepooh

    Trio Of Boars?

    I was thinking today, is a trio of boars a common thing? I know a trio of sows is a thing and they get along but would a trio of boars work out? I currently have 2 boars right now and was thinking (of course when they settle in to their C&C cage and get over their dominant stages) of getting...
  12. winniethepooh

    Fleece Bedding Is Better?

    I am thinking about switching to fleece bedding because it seems to fit my standards. I need fleece that I can just wash every day and will not leak through and have a washable absorbent layer. Right now, I currently have store-bought bedding, which everyone knows is a hassle to keep up with so...
  13. Xxhdxx

    Should I Get Another Guinea Pig?

    Hello everyone! I hope your day has been well. I had two guinea pigs Phoenix and Gemini(both boys), but unfortunately Phoenix passed away. Gemini is/was very territorial while pheonix (I got him as a baby and had him for a year) as he was growing up, became more territorial as well. They never...
  14. Lil3piggies

    Sleep Tight Archie!

    So I went up to give the boys their evening veggies and found my poor baby Archie had passed away in his house! I cried like a baby whilst poor Artie sat in the corner watching me (or so it looked like). I’m so upset, even more upset that I don’t know why? He was always tiny and had one day...
  15. SDRB_TP

    Eye Issue (heterotopic Bone) And Euthanasia

    Hi and thank you for clicking on my thread, Well firstly I’d briefly like to say I used this forum obsessively when I first got my piggies 6 and a half years ago and was such a great help to me learning - and I am back with a plea for advice. I’m left with my final piggie now, who is 7 in a...
  16. Pumpkin&Spice

    Would Be Really Thankful For Advice! :)

    Hi! I am completely new to forums and this is the first time I have ever posted a thread but I’m a little concerned about my piggie, Spice, a 7 month old Peru sow who is acting a little under the weather. I thought it’d be worth a shot to see if anyone has any advice/similar experiences. Spice...
  17. Natrista

    Advice For Abused Guinea Pigs?

    I recently adopted two male guinea pigs. They are a bonded pair so I got them together. The only problem is the person I got them from was blind, and hadn't picked them up or groomed them in over two years. It's to the point where they won't let anyone touch them. It saddens me when I go to...
  18. Salt and Pepper

    Syringe Feeding Tips, How To Increase An Appetite, Advice Please?

    Hi, my piggy had an operation to remove a bladder stone (about the size of a chickpea) last Tuesday, she has had a week course of baytrill and metacam which she has now finished.She is also in the middle of a course of ranitidine to get her gut moving again. She is not lethargic, sometimes her...
  19. Jesse's pigs

    Facebook Page

    Hi so some of you may know (or even follow - @Hoppity.K :) -still waiting for an instagram account for your girls x ) my two boys instagram account. I'm now looking at creating a Facebook page for my boys sharing again some pics and care tips etc for those who may not have instagram. Id just...
  20. Jordyn Warner

    L Shaped C&c Cage

    Hello I have had guinea pigs in the past and was in a constant struggle always trying to find space to upgrade there cage! They ended up with more room than me haha! Now in a new home with plenty of space and more money I am looking to start again in the right way from the start! I have a lot of...