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  1. Luvx

    Inside —> Outside.

    hey so my mom basically is saying my guinea pigs have to go outside because she doesn’t want anymore inside animals and i was wondering how i could properly take care of them especially in this heat it’s usually over 80 degrees everyday, she said i can put them under the carport. Tips needed...
  2. igraytthat

    New-ish Guinea Pigs Still Not Bonded

    Hi All, I’m a New Guinea pig owner, but I’ve wanted them for so long! I’ve had my piggies for about a month and a half and I’ve handled them once per day every day and given them food when I’ve done so. They are brothers and are about 3 months old. We got them from a friend who has a bunch...
  3. thedosboys

    Fleece bedding & alternatives?

    So I use fleece bedding and I want to keep my pigs clean and healthy. Manny has a small case of bumble foot (it's being treated) and I wonder if it increased when I brought him home. On the bottom I put a heavy duty shower curtain, a toddler mattress protective sheet(wicked)(it also is...
  4. thedosboys

    Bumblefoot 🙄

    So for awhile I've been noticing a red spot on my boy Manny' foot. It has been there since I got him. But just this week I realized it could be an infection. Right now I can't get veterinarian care but I've read that soaking the foot in warm water and Epsom salt and then wrap it and do that...
  5. K

    A week into guinea pigs and I think I am running into some problems

    Basically I've had guinea pigs for a week, maybe less and I am concerned about some things which is 1. Is this food alright for guinea pigs along with some hay? 2. I sometimes find their poop in small clusters and just recently as today, like a relatively long thin line of poop. How can I fix...
  6. T

    For those who have lost their piggy and are now left with one but are not ready/do not want another piggy…please read.

    Hello all, if you are a grieving guinea pig parent, I am firstly so sorry for your loss. If you have a single guinea pig now and are concerned with what to do and are not fully ready to get a second guinea pig and/or you do not want another guinea pig, this post is for you. So recently I had...
  7. hayleejes

    Bonding advice

    Hello! I have 3 male Guinea pigs and I’m looking for advice on their housing/relationship situation. First of all, I’ve got two together and the third pig is by himself (right next to the other cage, they still interact!) Two of my boys have been together from the start, over a year old now. One...
  8. wheekly

    Feeling sad about guinea pig’s arthritis

    Hi everyone, I’m feeling a little down about my guinea pig today. I posted about her a little bit ago. She is 7 years old (which I’m very proud of — I adopted her in 2016 when she was about 4 months old). She has never had an issue other than the recent onset of arthritis. Before that, she’s...
  9. Bethan

    Clarice has lymphoma

    Evening all, Just thought I’d make a post here as I’m feeling really low tonight. We first had a piggie with lymphoma last year. He was almost 6 years old and we’d had him since he was 7 months. He passed around 6 weeks after diagnosis, but he was happy and eating until the very end, and...
  10. piggiesofthewalkingdead

    C&C a bit wobbly?

    hi, I haven’t been on this forum for a little while but i was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to make my c&c cage more stable? i bought a 4x2 double stacked cage for my four boys from kavee cage. the cage is put together and zip tied all over but it still feels a little flimsy? i...
  11. Oinkpiggies

    Nose whistle?

    Hi guys, another one of my paranoid thoughts with my piggies. My piggy Bear has had this nose whistle for a few months. (Video attached below) I can’t remember if he’s had it forever, because i just noticed it a few months ago. My hearing is bad so I’m not sure how long he really has had it...
  12. K

    boars fighting

    hi, 6 months ago we got two male guinea pigs, they were bonded and happy together the whole time. unfortunately though we recently lost one of them, leaving whiskers to be a single 9/10 month old so, we got a new young male who is about 12 weeks old. today we tried to introduce them and it...
  13. PiggyPack

    Ill pigs. I’m losing the joy I once had for my babies.

    Hi guys! For those of you who don’t know, I have three piggies, all of which are battling and on meds for a supposed uti and I have another pig who has been fighting bloat and bladder stones for almost 5 months. I have to give them so many meds each day, I’m a full time uni student as well and...
  14. Oinkpiggies

    What is this?

    i have always been curious about what this is on the left side of his nostril, i believe he has always had it.
  15. Oinkpiggies

    Is something wrong?

    Hi everyone, i was watching my piggies during floortime and happened to record this. I gave him a Timothy treat that i thought he might’ve choked on, he was like rubbing his face but then seemed fine. Maybe it has something to do with that? Or maybe it was him about to sneeze. I hope it wasn’t a...
  16. bambiandzinnia

    Are finished toilet rolls safe for guinea pigs?

    I've heard and seen from popular guinea pig youtubers that finished toilet rolls (just the cardboard piece) can be good entertainment for them, my guinea pigs aren't too big on toys and prefer hideys that have have hay or carrots in/on them (they're very food motivated) so as i was mentioning i...
  17. Oinkpiggies

    Is my Guinea pig satin?

    I am concerned because I’ve always noticed his coat was shiny. I really can’t tell if it’s just a healthy coat or if he is satin because of his dark fur. I got him from petco, not sure if they sell satins there. Am i being paranoid or could he be satin? Thank you ♡
  18. M

    Keep Mavis healthy

    Hi everyone, This is my first post so i hope I'm doing it right and in the right place. I'm posting for a bit of post bladder/uritic stone in one of my pigs. We took Mavis to the emergency vets on Monday night when pee and pooing appeared to be causing her a lot of pain and after an x-ray it...
  19. Livvysquish

    Prawn crackers and plastic bags ((advice!))

    Hello! So, for context. My herd of 10 girls are allowed free roam of my entire apartment, everywhere is guinea pigs proofed. My bf accidentally left our Chinese takeaway left overs in a pile on the floor before we went to bed. I woke up and prawn crackers where spread across the room, nibbled...
  20. Oinkpiggies

    2 males suddenly fighting

    Hi all, i am a new inexperienced Guinea pig owner, and I’ve had my 2 boys for about a month now. I got them a day apart from each other, and they both were terrified. Introduced them in new territory which was a playpen. The newest piggy ran to the other one and was cuddling with it obviously...