1. Jesse's pigs

    Dental Dental

    So Steve is going to have his teeth trimmed tomorrow. I know for sure his two bottom incisors need doing...his back molars I’m not too sure they feel okay to me but he isn’t the easiest to check as he tries to take your fingers off😂😂 Now, I am taking him to my practice as they do bunny and piggy...
  2. Jesse's pigs

    Bladder stone worry

    Okay I’m sorry it’s me again with yet another worry. I assure u all as I type this Steve is looking for food, dragging his butt and running round the cage as if I’m making all this up. many of you are aware and have followed me on my journey with Steve’s xrays and ultrasound. Back then he had...
  3. Jesse's pigs


    what can be the causes of bloat becuase Steve keeps getting episodes of it and I feel like a crappy pig mum right now. As you know today I bonded him with his new bro and he’s still moving around etc up there pooping (albeit smaller poos),but sounds like a water balloon when I pick him up again😢...
  4. N


    Hey! I have recently bought a guinea pig and he’s doing pretty well. Very bubbly and gets along well with his cage mates. I have noticed something, he often purrs like a cat. Do they always do that?
  5. Livvysquish

    Turn my double into trio again

    Hey!, I have had my sow trio of guinea pigs for two months (experienced owner) they were all sisters and got along well. Sadly one was a runt, and through many vet visits she still passed away through seizure. I was recently thinking about getting the trio back together but am scared as to...
  6. N


    Hello! I got a male-female guinea pig pair and the male one passed away recently. Now this got me thinking, I do not want her to be lonely so I’m thinking of getting her new buddies. Is it okay for me to buy an female-female pair? If I did, I would have 3 female guinea pigs. Can they live like...
  7. L

    4 Pigs with Lice

    I found out my 4 guinea pigs have lice and they are getting their medicine tomorrow, but I am not sure how to prevent reinfestation while using fleece bedding. I am wondering if anyone knows if I can wash the fleece or will it need thrown? I'm not sure if the medicine is protective or only...
  8. lucyr

    Guinea pig eye lump

    Hi, my 4 year old guinea pig Trixie has got a red lump on one eye? I just noticed it and it wasn’t there 3 days ago when I last checked her eyes. I have attached a picture. I think I need to contact the vet, I’m wondering if anyone has any idea what this is exactly. Should I attempt to clean it...
  9. wheek!guinea

    shy guinea pig

    I have 2 boars, both almost the same age by a few weeks. I got Glacier when he was 3 months and Koji when he was 5 months. Glacier has always been outgoing and not afraid of loud noises or people approaching him, he's curious and gets a lot of zoomies. Koji is the opposite. Even if I approach...
  10. X

    Boars fighting, blood drawn

    Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right thread to post this in so my apologies if it’s not. Anyway, we got one male guinea pig from a pet store 5 months ago (he seemed pretty young) then 2 weeks later we went to get a bonding service done and we found another male match (according to the rescue...
  11. J

    Eye bulging

    I have a 2 year old guinea pig. I took her to the vet a couple weeks ago because her right eye was bulging (I’ll attach a picture) the vet had a look and says it looks like she has poked her left eye with hay causing an ulcer. The vet said that because Rosie is in pain with her left eye, it’s...
  12. B

    2 boars how much space? And bed recommendations

    Hello I'm just about to rescue 2 boys, I'm having them inside in a c and c cage setup How many feet or how many c and c grids is needed. Was planning on doing 5 grids by 3 which works out nearly 6ft by 4ft is that to big to small ideal They'd be on fleece bedding to start, may swap to...
  13. Jesse's pigs

    Outside or Inside?

    I’m having a bit of a dilemma at the moment and I’m honestly torn. I have kept all of my Guinea pigs indoors and they’ve all occupied my bedroom- a nice warm room that I frequent so they get human interaction loads and I can cuddle them as much as I want lol. I love having them next to...
  14. A

    Poorly Piggy & now strange poops!

    Hi Everyone, I am new here, and a new Guinea pig mum (Got them last October at 12 weeks old, they are the first I have ever had!) We have had quite a week with one of our boys, he has been weeing pink for a week and yesterday it looked like it was just blood. Today is his 6th day of 7 days of...
  15. Kiki_mushu_winry

    Young pig with bad dandruff

    Hello all. I have a 9 month old American roan girl (Winry, photo for cute tax) who’s been having really bad dandruff. She lives with my two other 1.5yo girls who do not have any skin issues at all. I got her from a private breeder in January 2020 at 8 weeks. At first I thought it might be...
  16. A

    New GP owner needs help

    Just a couple of days ago i became a GP owner and i need some advice for a housing situation. My GP, Hilda, was gifted to me for my birthday and i immediatly started informing myself about everything she needs and how to take care of her properly. So, i read GP need about 8 Sq.Ft. of living...
  17. B

    What’s wrong with my piggy’s eyes?!

    He eats perfectly fine and acts like a normal piggy. He’s about 4 years old, maybe a couple months younger. I only started to notice this once I zoomed in on this picture. I’m worried:( Please let me know
  18. Jesse's pigs

    Antibiotic question

    So little Steve had X-rays done Sunday and no sludge or stones were found on the images. The vet said likely a case of cystitis so prescribed a course of baytril (0.28mls) for two weeks and loxicom (0.28mls). I was also given probiotics to stop the poos going runny. I've been giving this since...
  19. Guineapigmum

    Dental Help and advice needed please! Guinea pig struggling to chew/eat

    Hello all, I'm very worried about my guinea pig. I have an emergency guinea pig specialist vet appointment tomorrow morning. A couple of days ago I noticed my 3 and a half year old female guinea pig taking longer to eat than usual. She was chewing but she was taking ages to consume...
  20. Jesse's pigs

    Blocked bladder?

    What are the symptoms of a blocked bladder? My boy Steve is crying when weeing/pooing again and this time I see traces of blood. Now I'm taking him in tomorrow but I'm fretting about a blocked bladder. Never seen blood before and at the moment when I'm observing does not seem to be big puddle...