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  1. C

    Not recovering from bladder stone surgery

    Hi everyone, I posted recently our turmoil on if we should take our boy for bladder surgery or not, having discovered he had stones about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately he became quite obviously poorly on Monday, (he was managing happily with meds until then) and we ended up taking him for an...
  2. M

    Keep Mavis healthy

    Hi everyone, This is my first post so i hope I'm doing it right and in the right place. I'm posting for a bit of post bladder/uritic stone in one of my pigs. We took Mavis to the emergency vets on Monday night when pee and pooing appeared to be causing her a lot of pain and after an x-ray it...
  3. pnwgranny

    Max Will Be Neutered Next Month

    Can anyone share with me what to expect and how to take care of him after neutering and he comes home?
  4. F

    Post Operation Problems

    Our Popo has been in surgery yesterday for removing a big cancer on her ovaries, and we are having a bit of problems with the aftercare... we are really concerned so I'll explain her history shortly. We have her since she was a tiny little ball; now she's 4 and was very healthy until some months...