1. A

    Is It Possible That My Piggy Is Still Sick?

    Okay, so 3 weeks ago my sister and I had bought two guinea pigs, Fred and George. George was more than likely sick when we had gotten him, but we were told vitamin C drops would do the trick. NOPE. Poor little George had a pretty strong case of an upper respiratory infection, and without further...
  2. K

    Moving Piggies Outside

    I really need some advice. I have 2 girls. Since i got them (8 months ago) they've been in a cage in our house. However the cage is outside my room and i've become allergic. My allergies started in February when they must have been shedding? but they're really bad now. I constantly need my...
  3. Brandy

    Allergic To Just One Of My Piggies

    I have two guinea pigs, CC and Poppy, I've discovered recently that I am allergic to one of them but not both. At first it seemed I was allergic to both of them; I got the sniffles and had itchy watery eyes. Eventually those symptoms went away and now I just get hives when I pick one of them up...
  4. MissK

    Human Allergy

    Hi. I'm a fairly new piggie owner. since having them I've noticed allergy sores on my hands and fingers. I first noticed them on my left hand although I'm right handed but now I have them on my right hand. must be something from the cage when I clean it out. I'm going to start wearing gloves...
  5. honeybakedhann_

    Allergic To Guinea?

    I have had many guineas in the past and no problems. My new pig has taken a liking to nibbling on my arms and it has caused me to break out in hives. I thought it was the hay so I've tried orchid grass and oat hay but the hives on my neck refused to shrink. I started to believe it was acne until...