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  1. S

    Piggies not getting on.

    Hi I need some advice. Our two boys do not seem to be getting on at the moment, they are constantly arguing with eachother. The only time they don’t seem to argue is when they are eating. They rumble and wiggle their bums which I know is a dominance thing, but then it gets louder and results...
  2. lauryn1289

    Just looking for some additional advice about fighting boars

    I posted a couple of days ago about two of my boys Ollie and Bobby who were bonded and living happily together suddenly fighting and how I was separating them at night and when I was away out of fear of them hurting eachother when I wasn’t there (which I realise now wasn’t the best thing to do.)...
  3. catcrunchies

    Bickering Boys

    We have two pairs of brothers (cousins too, actually!), just over 3 months old, who've started having some more aggressive squabbles between themselves. So far, we've already had to stop all four spending time together after Pooka was getting bullied and I'm not quite sure where to go from...