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  1. P

    Sydney Vet for Bladder Stones

    Hi, One of my guinea pigs, Woody, started peeing blood in his urine a week ago and whining when he does. He pees what only a little bit each time but quite often (8 ish minutes). In the last few days, he become a lot less physically active, always sitting down in one spot and eating a lot less...
  2. Jloveslife22

    Ongoing dental issues many surgeries done. Roots? Mandibular?

    Hi everyone, My name is Jess I'm from Brisbane, Queensland Australia and have such an unusual case I felt sharing the story here may be worthwhile incase someone has answers. I've hunted google many times and keep landing on posts here with answers. Will try do a brief summary keep it super...
  3. Maddii.Maddii

    Sudden water bottle avoidance.

    My 3 boys have suddenly started avoiding their water bottles! 😣 I've had 2 355ml Living World glass water bottles (photo attached) in their cage for almost 2 months now with no issues. I cleaned them out 2 days ago throughly with only water, Qtips and rice (to clean out the inside) and I...
  4. R

    [australia] C&c Cage Grids- Where To Find Them?

    Hi there! I live in Australia and I've recently decided I might get back into being a guinea pig owner. (I recently moved from America and had a guinea pig there.) Anyways, I've realized it's not nearly as easy to find guinea pig supplies here in Australia especially C&C cage materials. I know...