1. A

    Carpet in guinea pig cages

    I had saw an old thread that was closed for discussion, and wanted to reply for others who needed it. The thread was about carpet in guinea pig cages instead of bedding or fleece. I personally love using carpet tiles in my girls cages. I bought the carpet tiles form dollar tree. There thick...
  2. T

    is it safe to clean cage with dawn dish soap?

    I cleaned the bottom of my cage with some dawn dish soap and i was wondering if it was safe. Will the dawn react with kaytee bedding because I know that has absorbent stuff in the bedding. Most of it got off but the people helping me clean it didn't do it as thoroughly as I wanted, so a small...
  3. Lucyscavies


    Hi everyone, I currently use wood shavings for my 2 boys and I get the £10 bale from pets at home but some vets near me have said not to use it as it’s very dusty and not good for them. Where is the best and cheapest place to get really good woodshavings from? I live in Manchester. Also my...