bedding change

  1. soupgirls

    Towels instead of fleece?

    Hello! I’ve had my piggies for about three weeks now and half of their cage is a folded towel, while the other half is paper bedding. When they’re litter trained I want to switch entirely over to fleece, but it’s so expensive to get started! Would towels make an appropriate replacement? I...
  2. elris

    best bedding for long haired piggies

    i have two guinea pigs — charlie and lola but charlie is long haired and our current bedding gets stuck in her fur. lola is no bother so any sort of bedding works for her but i want it to be a comfortable bedding for them. they’re currently on a layer of corn chippings and shavings.
  3. Siikibam

    These Boys!

    For the last few days Toffee has been wheeking when I walk past their cage. I've only given in a couple of times and given them a small sliver of cucumber or some spring greens/coriander. Now it's a case of just resisting Today they went outside for the first time. Wrong day as it was a little...