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behavioural advice

  1. C

    Is my Guinea pig happy?

    Rolo is just chilling on me as I lay down, I put him on my chest and he has been here for about 15 mins. If he was scared would he flee? I have been brushing his fur gently to bond with him. So desperate for my piggies to love me
  2. greensn

    3 boars after vet--help!

    Norman (2) and Leroy (1.5) have been living together since Winter of 2016. I introduced a rescue, Stewie (2), who is asthmatic, about a month ago, and they are doing amazing! Norman has recurring health issues linked to his middle ear infections. He has nerve damage that causes him to blink less...
  3. Elizadriksne

    Introduced a baby guinea pig to older one

    I've had a male guinea pig for 4 years now, been alone all this time but recently decided to get another one for company as I'm pregnant and won't have as much time to play with him anymore. I got a male baby guinea pig. When introducing them the older one constantly chases the baby one, licking...
  4. PerpLexxity

    Permanent Fall Out...

    Hey everybody... So a awhile back I posted out a dominance issue with my guys... today I put them together with a full clean out of the cage (to remove scents and markings), a buddy bath, and well yea, it didn’t turn out so well. I’ve read every technique in the forum and every article for...
  5. court29x

    Nibbling And Flipping On Side

    The smaller piggy of my two 7 week olds, Beansprout, flips onto her side and nibbles quite frequently when being handled, we've tried to handle them calmly and gently, and we've put her behaviour down to being young or perhaps needing a wee or poo when being handled, but the other piggy, Noodle...
  6. Sasco

    Bullying Behaviour And Solutions Help Please!

    I have 3 sows, a 3 year old and two 4 month olds. They were bonded successfully when the babies were 8 weeks old and have shown no aggressive behaviour up to now (the babies are sisters). One of my two babies has a growth disorder and is very small. Her sister is now chasing her away whenever...
  7. V

    Urgent Bonding Help Please

    Hi, A couple of months ago I rescued a boar, Obi (about 9 months old) who was in a bad way and living alone. He received treatment for his skin problems, got him to a healthy weight and have now (6 weeks ago) had him castrated so he can hopefully go in with my two girls (about 6 months old)...
  8. JessyD2

    Piggy Behaviour I Don't Quite Understand?

    Hello, I'm a new piggy owner and have two females, Keira (18 weeks old) and Natalie (9 weeks old). I've read that mounting is common amongst female pigs (I assumed only males did it but after some research I see that both sexes do this) however I haven't stumbled accords anything about...
  9. Beans&Toast

    Confused By Toast's Behaviour

    Warning: slightly long post. So I've had Toast for close to a year now and all I knew about her was that her previous owner did not spend any time with her or show her affection, she lived alone in a small cage and had food thrown in once a day. Understandably this means that she's not the...