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  1. Kallasia

    Announcement - And Piggie Photoshoot :d

    Hello everyone! I have some news to share with you all! My partner and I are getting married! :D The wonderful Nicola from the RSPCA took some amazing announcement photos for us! And the boars were on their best behaviour! I'm so excited! :yahoo:We've already picked out a venue and...
  2. Kallasia

    The Christmas Haul!

    Firstly, sorry it took me a while to post these but it was pretty hectic what with the family coming over and us doing Christmas Dinner for them for the first time! Anyway, I thought you'd all like to see what the pigs got up to over Christmas so here you go! :) Getting to bed early on...
  3. Kallasia

    Ramps In Guinea Pigs Cage

    Adding a second storey to your pigs’ pen can be a great way to increase their living space. However, you need to do it right or they won’t use it! Here are some general tips and also how I made mine :) yawn – Binky sleeping upstairs away from Errol charging around downstairs Steepness Guinea...
  4. Kallasia

    Painting Of Binky! I'm Feeling Proud!

    What do you guys think of my abstract version of Binky? The many colours represent the many aspects of his personality and of the joy he brings his brother Errol and myself and partner <3