bladder pain

  1. Lauren22

    Bladder sludge!

    Hi, My boar Hubert had bladder stone surgery about a month ago now, and recently the sludge has returned. I changed his food to selective gluten free nuggets, he only gets 50g fresh per day and unlimited hay. The veg he gets is, cucumber, green beans, celery and pepper. I feel like I'm...
  2. Ananias

    Persistent bladder problems

    Our Tilda is a 3 year-old female guinea pig living in Finland. She has pain while urinating and pooping (only after urinating) and also has had blood in urine (not at present). The problems have persisted for several months now with a few intermittent symptom-free episodes. The symptoms also...
  3. Jesse's pigs

    Bladder stone worry

    Okay I’m sorry it’s me again with yet another worry. I assure u all as I type this Steve is looking for food, dragging his butt and running round the cage as if I’m making all this up. many of you are aware and have followed me on my journey with Steve’s xrays and ultrasound. Back then he had...
  4. CrazyHairedPiggies997

    Still bleeding?

    Hi guys! Pumpkin had surgery to remove the stone stuck in her urethra, which then turned out to be 2 stones! She managed the light GA fine. She is back to her normal mischievous self! She’s having metacam and baytril for 5 days to be safe. My question is, she is still bleeding when she wees. The...
  5. ashimay

    Should I split my piggie’s Metacam?

    Hello! On Friday afternoon I noticed one of our boars (Mr Pig) was hunching over and being quite vocal, so naturally I sprung to action and went over to investigate and found little pink spots on the fleece. A quick bit of research seemed to indicate bladder issues such as an infection or...
  6. W

    Bladder Crystals

    Hello . my piggy has had bladder crystals for around 2 years and has been having cartrophen injections to help the pain. i have no idea how to help get rid of them as i keep going for injections once a month just for pain. can anyone help
  7. JoannaMarie

    Pain when weeing don't know what to do!

    My pig Alan has always had issues with his penis, mainly due to his long hair. Every few weeks he would start crying when he wees, i would then cut his hair on his tummy, clean his penis, and when necessary remove sperm rods (eeew!). He would then always stop crying and go back to normal. A...