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bladder stone operation

  1. kaja979

    Post Op Advice (bladder Stones)

    Good morning all :) sorry for the long, middle of the night post! Harriet had 2 bladder stones removed yesterday, my brave girl had passed one also. She has been through quite an ordeal but she is a brave strong feisty little gingernut :) unfortunately the vet did find infection in the bladder...
  2. Salt and Pepper

    Bladder Sludge ?

    Hi, to update you after my previous post I visited an exotics specialist today who showed us the X-ray our local vet had taken (they told us it was clear) and pointed out an area of possible sludge in the bladder. She explained that we could have another x-Ray under anesthetic to confirm if...
  3. G

    4.5 year Abyssian Male Had Bladder Stone Removed !

    SUPER Happy to report LIL MAc is great! I found a YOUNG smart exotic vet in Orlando FL, 90 min away who removed the stone on day 12 of hand feeding care x every 2 hrs. HE was amazed at his great vigor, he did IMMEDIATELY find a heart murmur, grade 3, so put him at a bit of higher risk but he...
  4. B

    Successful Surgeries?

    I have a friend who just discovered that one of her guinea pigs has bladder stones. He is going to have to have surgery, but as it's not guaranteed that he will make it out. Does anyone know what the success rate for a surgery like this is? She's not sure what to do, but of course, doesn't want...
  5. JoannaMarie

    Been On Baytril For 5 Days And Still Blood In Wee?

    The on going bladder issues with Ted continue. He had a blood clot in his bladder removed about a month ago. He was very ill after and nearly died. Last week he started crying when he was weeing again so was put on baytril on Monday. It's now Saturday and there is no improvement. He's still...
  6. JoannaMarie

    Ted Still In Pain After Bladder Op

    Hi! My lovely boy Ted had a bladder op 4 weeks ago. He had a very bad reaction to the op and nearly died... He stopped eating for ten days and was on constant hand feeding. Thankfully he has made a slow but good recovery. He's had lots of gut problems such as runny poos and his poo hasnt...
  7. L

    Bladder Stones On Xray, Not Found During Op

    Hi, our 23 month old boar Bramble was recently (3 weeks ago) neutered so he could have a female friend. One week after neutering, when the pain relief (Metacam) and antibiotics (Septrim) had finished, he started squeaking when peeing and pooping, and was straining when pooping. Took him back...