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  1. Guineapigsforlife

    Bladder Stones

    Hello All, I just want to share my experience with my beautiful Guinea pig who had 2 bladder stones. I took her to vet to do a check since she was acting a bit off and they did an X ray which showed no stones. Two months later, I had to follow up and did another X ray, this is where they found...
  2. aycabuyuker

    Requrrent Bladder Stone

    Hi everyone, i have a big immeadiate problem with my guinea pig. He is 3,5 years old, had a stone in his bladder and stone was surgically removed. But just two weeks later now he has a bladder stone again!😔 The stone removed was 8 mm. The second stone, which is newly formed in 2 weeks, is 7...
  3. P

    Bladder stone x arthritis

    My 5 year old guinea pig Teddy has just been diagnosed with arthritis and a large bladder stone. Last week he started with blood in his urine and squeaking in pain everytime he urinated, i took him to the vets where they did an xray and found a large bladder stone but also discovered he has...
  4. Vicvac28

    Bladder stones

    Hi all. My boy Rex is a 4 year old non-neutered male who this morning was diagnosed with bladder stones. The quote from the vet for surgery was surprisingly high and the outlook of surgery fairly bleak from what he was saying. I just don’t don’t know what to do as he is clearly in discomfort...
  5. Sophiaclark

    Guinea pig clumpy poop!

    Hello everyone! I have 2 guinea pigs and in April one of my Guinea pigs had a bladder stone op and it was successful she has been doing perfectly fine but recently she’s started to cry again when peeing and cry even louder when she poops I’ve been checking and her poop is very runny and all...
  6. WinnieandBear

    Time To Say Enough Is Enough? Help

    Hello, Long story very short - my girl Bear is 3 years old and has had peristent bladder sludge and infections for her whole life. Took a couple of years for a decent vet to finally diagnose and not assume bloat (useless some vets are!) and at Christmas she had a bladder flush op. She was much...