1. L

    Blind guinea pig

    So I have an albino Guinea pig and this Guinea pig I have had for about 3 days in my house but I interacted with it for 3 months prior since I adopted it from my school. Since he is albino I knew it was possible he could be blind or deaf. I know he is not deaf but I’m pretty sure he is blind not...
  2. W

    Born with no eyes.

    Hello! I am hoping that someone may be able to help me? I have a baby Guinea Pig, born 4 days ago. Mum had 6, one sadly died. We noticed that Mum was head butting one away so after a period of time observing the decision was made to take baby away. Upon closer inspection we saw that baby has...
  3. T

    Blind in one eye

    So sadly my guinea pig pepper died just last week and now my other two(Precious and Bossy) both are having breathing problems. Eyes were perfectly fine yesterday but today I bring them their veggies and I notice something odd on Bossys eye and at first I only thing it’s a hair that got stuck. So...
  4. D

    I think my guinea pig is blind in one eye

    Her eye looks rather pink on the white part but on the actual eye it kinda looks normal but ontop is a thin cloudy white sheet
  5. Alicepets

    Blind pig needs help

    Hello my name is Alice I have 4 boy Guiana pigs. Shane Dawson.spike.robie and the one who is going blind teddy Some back ground. They are about 1year old I got them from a breeder they are very skittish I have had them for 3 or 4 months when I got them I noticed teddy had blue tinted...
  6. Devyn50

    Here's Hamlet

    Here he is in all his glory. Hamlet....male ( where are the girls) 14 months ( acts like a baby) had a stroke ( can't keep me down) blind in one eye ( who needs 2 eyes) has issues chewing ( as long as my mama syringe feeds me, I'm good) loves to sleep with his mama ( ok so I'm a mama's boy)...
  7. adelhide

    Suddenly Blind

    My guinea pig Wicca the destroyer seems to have gone blind, I noticed white in her eyes start to develop about a week and a half ago and it now covers pretty much her whole eye. she is eating and drinking like normal, and seems to get along with her companion professor turtle like usual. I just...
  8. Squidgypigs

    Blind Baby?

    We will get this confirmed at the vets but I suspect that one of Blondie's recent babies could be blind, possibly even deaf. She was the last to be born and is considerably smaller than her brother and sister, however is gaining weight steadily. There is nothing physically suspicious of...
  9. HaleyK

    I'm Super Worried For My Piggie's Eye! Please Help!

    Just today I noticed that she was squinting and it was a little wet around her eye. When I took a closer look I saw that her one eye was practically flat unlike the healthy one which is the usual bubble-like shape. Also this eye was cloudy, I couldn't even see her dark brown coloring to it. I...
  10. Mae

    Blind In One Eye- Remove It Or Not?

    Hi, my guinea pig Lottie who is nearly 2 is now blind in her right eye. I found her on Thursday night at feeding time with her eye completely glazed over with white fluid. She was happy in herself and was sitting in the food bowl munching away like normal. I booked an appointment for the next...