1. Hazel&Daliah

    White Cloudy Eye

    Hi guys! Today we took our guinea pig Hendrick out for lap time before going to bed. My boyfriend had mentioned earlier in the day how he noticed his little eye was watering, I explained to him that they produce a milky liquid to clean themselves as I have read it in multiple websites so we...
  2. MalaneGuy

    Guinea Pig Eyes (seeking Advice)

    Hello My name is MaLane. I own a full grown male Guinea pig. (I'm not sure what kind of breed he is. His all white but half his face and one ear is black). I noticed something when I first got him, his one of his eyes is kind of odd. Honestly, the only way I can explain it is that it looks like...
  3. Cavy Lover

    Blind Guinea Pigs Do Fine!

    Cookie became blind in one eye recently and she has been doing grand. The first few days she was a bit wobbly and she fell off the side of her ramp but now she is zooming up and down the ramp. She also jumps up on top of her log cabin sometimes and she always sticks her head out the side of her...
  4. Liane

    Do Blind Guinea Pigs Always Have Whiteness Of The Eye?

    I have been reading up about blindness in guinea pigs, and from what I've read they either have cloudy circles due to cataracts, or the eyes reflect white in light. Is it possible for a guinea pig to be blind but exhibit neither of these signs? I've been watching Peri, one of my new Woodgreen...