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  1. samji

    Bloat - help!

    Hi all So my little Jack has had bloat since before Christmas. It's been very unusual as it was happening over a 6-12 hour period of no poops, then lots of poops. He would still be eating during this and drinking. I took him to an out of hours emergency vet during the Christmas period which...
  2. E

    Is this bloat?

    She’s 12 weeks old I’m not sure if she’s just pudgy or there’s something wrong she eats the same as her sister and her stomach seems normal. She’s still active and stuff maybe I’m just paranoid
  3. Griselle

    Help! Guinea Pig Bloated?

    So, I have had Shadow for over a year. Oreo and Shadow have never had problems with lettuce nor tomatoes. Today as I was changing their cage, I noticed Shadow looked extremely bloated, but Oreo did not. I have always fed them timothy hay, but today I ran out, and had to wait for my fiance to...
  4. Zelsi

    Specialist Monty Is At The Emergency Vet - Please Help!

    I took Monty to the vet yesterday for a CT scan to find out what was causing his mysterious "hooting" and wheezing noises when breathing. A few hours after coming home he clearly wasn't okay. I took him back again last night and they found he had gut stasis and some bloat from not eating...
  5. Leeni

    Mimmi's Weightloss

    Mimmi had quite a serious bloat in the end of October. I posted about it here: Bloat, Need Of Support! She got better from it and hasn't suffered from any bloats after that one. However, her health is not as good as I would like it to be. Her weight issues puzzle me. My question is that is this...
  6. Piggy mum

    Bloat Diagnosed! Healing Vibes And Advice Needed

    Hi all My pig pinky has been very lethargic recently but has been eating and drinking good amounts off all his usual types of foods, so took him to the vet today. She done an X-ray and has diagnosed him with bloat, and prescribed him theee times a day metaclopramide. I am going to try the...
  7. K

    Strange Poop After Bloat/colic

    Hi all, A few days ago my piggie Chewy stopped eating and was super lethargic, and I noticed he was pooping very infrequently but when he did it looked normal. I took him to the vet and she said he had colic/bloat, so now he has been on Metoclopramide (for gut peristalsis), Metacam (for pain)...
  8. DexGizandCo

    Causes For Bloat?

    Recently my guinea pig has gotten a little bloated. Went to the vet and we can't seem to figure it out. She's not sick with bloat because she's acting and eating just fine. The only change recently was a switch to orchard grass because of my other piggy. So I switched her back to Timothy hay to...
  9. Williams15

    Worried About Bloat!

    Hi, I'm new to this site so apologies if there is already an existing topic on this. I own two sows who are three years old. Yesterday I was giving them cucumber when I noticed one of my guinea pigs, who is the bigger of the two, had a slightly swollen stomach. At first I thought she may have...
  10. Beans&Toast

    Does This Require Urgent Vets Today?

    I'm away for work today so my Mum is looking after the pigs but something is wrong with Toast so I'd appreciate any help. Okay long story short (sort of) as of Friday morning Toast hasn't been herself. (She's had on/off dental problems and bloat problems for the 2 years I've had her).She was...
  11. hayleyface

    How Do I Care For My Bloat Survivor? I'm A Bit Scared..!

    River was rushed to the out of hours vet last night with severe bloat. After several hours of waiting to be seen, she was eventually put in an oxygen tank and treated via drip. She has perked up considerably, has started pooping again and has been munching away happily. The vet had fed her on...
  12. J

    Possible Tumor/ Can't Walk

    Hello, I wanted to ask if anyone can tell me what might be wrong with my pig. Her name is Cookie and she's approximately 6 years old, we got her about a year ago and she has had chronic you.R.I that we have always treated. A few weeks ago we noticed her stomach was very hard, so naturally I did...
  13. Blobfish

    Serious Gut Stasis

    Hi everyone, I have a very poorly piggy (currently at the vets), and I'm really hoping for some advice. I have a piggy who is very bloat prone, and has been all his life (so were his brothers- I think perhaps it was a genetic problem). Anyway, I would say this pig has had bloat/ stasis around...
  14. Beans&Toast

    Domperidone - Side Effects Of Long Term Use

    Bit of a long post here... Toast has been on Domperidone (and Ranitadine) for bloat since November last year. It worked well at first but the past couple of weeks it doesn't seem to make a difference whatsoever. She's also getting bloated after any veg. There is a long list of veg that makes...
  15. Carla&Glitch

    Mysterious Case Of Bloat

    Recently two of my gorgeous piggies have died because of a mysterious bloating. I would appreciate any advice or experiences that might help save my last remaining piggie. This has been the most horrible month. I'll give you some background on how we keep our pigs and what has happened since...
  16. CraigGlasgow

    Funny Poop Again!

    So in the neverending saga of Weasley, he was looking better apart from the gas on Monday afternoon, so the vet started him on fibreplex to try and flush him out, upped his emeprid to 3 times a day and suggested putting him back in to a larger cage to see if he got more exercise. Last night his...
  17. caseypig

    Guinea Pig Gas - Help Please

    Hello! I've been lurking on this forum for a while and would very much appreciate some advice. My 3yr old boar has been having teeth problems recently, but has been on the mend since seeing Simon the vet in Northampton. He's been on a strong antibiotic for a month, finished yesterday, plus .25...
  18. CraigGlasgow

    Safest Veggies For A Gassy Pig?

    So Weasley saw the exotics specialist on Wednesday and she wants to start reducing his meds. He's come off his antibiotics and since then his poop has become on large a much nicer shape and no longer wet and is happening more regularly. It is however now very dry and slightly greenish, which the...
  19. Louiseblack2

    Dental My Pig Wont Eat Post Dental

    my guineas pigs about 3 years old, hes not eaten for about a week. we took him too the vet and they put it down to bad molars they sorted them out and sent him back with antibiotics, painkillers and a very high vet bill. she said she couldn't find any other issues we reunited him with his...
  20. CraigGlasgow

    Reccomend Vets In Glasgow?

    Hey all, Have been taking Weasley to Albavet in Dennistoun for his issues as they're right round the corner and the vets seem fairly piggy savvy. However they now say they've surpassed all their knowledge on how to treat him as his gassy tummy/bloat and UTI seem to be neverending. They...