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boar bonds

  1. Lisa7845

    Advice about my boars and behaviours.

    Hello everyone! To start, I have an anxiety disorder so looking for friendly advice about my two boars, Basil who is around 19 months old and Pickle who is 11 months old. I am aware these can be tough times for boars, and I’m seeing frequent daily displays of dominance behaviour. With my...
  2. I

    Bonding boars. Lots of questions

    Hi, I have 4 guinea pigs (Blossom, Totoro, Bilbo and Ponyo). Blossom, Totoro, and Bilbo are almost 6 months old. We don't know the age of Ponyo, but we know he is an adult and at least 1 year old. At first, we had two guinea pigs that came from different places and that we had bonded, their...
  3. P

    Boar drama!

    Okay now I’ve read through all the info on boar pairs but I still can’t figure out what to do. Here’s the story: I brought home two boys that were together at the pet store in august 2020. Gumball and Darwin. They got along really well. The same day there was another pair in the cage beside...
  4. R

    Is this bullying or just boars

    Hello, I got my 2 boars as babies back in July 2020 when they were about 3 months old I believe. They live in a 5x3 ft cage so have plenty of room. They have never had a fight but ruby the dominant boar consultantly rumbles, and barges his bum into the other one (makka Pakka). He has a go at him...
  5. B

    2 baby boars and hormone spikes

    Hi all, I am planning on getting 2 baby boars since boars are said to be more outgoing. This is our first time having 2 piggies so after some research I'm kind of worried.. since they will both be around 4-5 weeks old when they come together they probably will bond well. But what happens when...
  6. P

    Boars Not Getting Along

    I have 2 10-11 month old boars Mulder and Scully and they are not getting along. I have had them since they were 4 months old, even at that age it was clear Scully was the dominant pig, and I assumed most of their behaviour was harmless. Scully chases Mulder, Mulder is grumpy and rumbles a lot...
  7. catcrunchies

    Collapsed Boar Bonds

    One of our boar pairs had a horrible fall out about a week ago - bloody bites and the whole nine yards. We split them up immediately and decided to chance introductions with two of our other boars, both of whom are more submissive and generally calmer than the two who fought.What ended up...