boar glue

  1. Piggymum22

    Please help!

    Emergency please help 🙉 So after 2 years of owning boars this has never once happened to me and thought it was some kind of myth, my poor little boar has fallen victim to a dreaded glue incident 🤦‍♀️😭 Went to bed last night and piggies were absolutely fine, woke up this morning and they seem to...
  2. J

    T-Tot's Story on battling pneumonia and after

    Hi everyone, I wanted to share our T-Tot's story and maybe get some insight from other people with some piggies who may be going through the same thing. (Sorry if this is a long post) My son, Noah, who is 10yo, takes really good care of his T-Tot (almost 1yo). They're best friends, they truly...
  3. Percy&Milo2020

    New Guinea pig owner to boars

    Hi all. So I have a lot of experience with Sows but I have never owned a Boar before. So I recently got 2 boars and it’s obvious which one is the dominate pig. But I am new to the world of owning boars and have noticed a vast difference in behaviour from owning sows. Looking for some general...
  4. Prasiddha

    Boar glue 😔

    Poor Icy.. brownie has put his boar glue on icy's back. Icy's hair become tangled to a bunch with white cement like thing stuck. I tried cleaning with warm water and soap. He just started crying loudly. Poor boy. I was forced to cut of his hair in the affected area. Is there any way I can stop...