1. Percy&Milo2020

    New Guinea pig owner to boars

    Hi all. So I have a lot of experience with Sows but I have never owned a Boar before. So I recently got 2 boars and it’s obvious which one is the dominate pig. But I am new to the world of owning boars and have noticed a vast difference in behaviour from owning sows. Looking for some general...
  2. brumbydashy

    Boar Neuter/Castration Support!

    Hi guinea lovers, I've had some amazing help on here, some of which I haven't always had time to respond to, but is much appreciated. This is an amazing online community and I am grateful for all of the information here. I have my two boars who fell out booked in for neutering on the 25th...
  3. wheek!guinea

    Chewing on chloroplast

    My guinea pig recently just started to chew on the edge of the chloroplast and I'm not sure why :(. Unlimited timothy hay, lots of lap and floor time, hideys and I try and move things around in the cage for mental stimulation every so often. His cage pal doesn 't do this as often but for both...
  4. W

    Post op care after neutering a boar

    My boar is getting neutered soon and I was just wondering if he needs a temporary smaller pen for a few days after surgery. He currently lives with two excitable baby boars and I've heard some sources saying to separate and others to put them all together again. Some advice from personal...
  5. Jesse's pigs

    If bond has failed what next

    Hi guys- firstly can I just say thank you to everyone who has helped me over on my previous thread regarding my beloved Steve it is honestly amazing to see how he is today. So much brighter and basically his normal self. He is ever so slightly pissed about the lack of veges... so far I’ve only...
  6. ashimay

    Should I split my piggie’s Metacam?

    Hello! On Friday afternoon I noticed one of our boars (Mr Pig) was hunching over and being quite vocal, so naturally I sprung to action and went over to investigate and found little pink spots on the fleece. A quick bit of research seemed to indicate bladder issues such as an infection or...
  7. S

    Little dry patch

    Hello! I posted on here the other day about my guinea boy who had a crusty ear. This is now clearing up well with daily sea salt cleaning. however I’ve just found this patch. Is it anything to be worried about. They’ve been treated for mites.
  8. thethreeboars

    Cleaning a boars penis

    Hi! So my boy is now 8 and I have never even thought to clean his willy! It’s now swollen and looking uncomfortable and j was hoping for some advice on how is best to clean it or if I’m best going to the vets?
  9. Guineatoes

    Needing help with bonding consisting of boars!

    I feel quite worried at the moment, and I always see very nice posts on this site with very useful information! but I didn’t really see anything helpful to my situation so I thought why not try this 🥺 One of the boars had to go away about a week after getting him. He was already introduced...
  10. Opossum_fur

    Boar bonding advice

    Hey guys, in my last two threads I talked about how my guinea pig Hobbes has passed away. Calvin Was Hobbes cage mate and he was the dominant male while Hobbes was more of a chilled guy. I recently found somebody who can no longer care for their 7 month old guinea pig and I offered to take him...
  11. N

    Which Guinea Pig should I separate?

    Hello, Just under a year ago we adopted a Boar (about 2-3 years old) called Bob from my partner's sister. For a few months he was really coming out of his shell like we've never seen before but we always thought he looked a bit lonely. So after some research and asking someone at Pets at Home...
  12. Alexemond97

    One overweighted guinea pig and one normal

    Hi, I have two boars who share together everything. They eat at the same time and there is no fight. They eat about the same amount of food. However, one is 1050g and the other one is 1400g. I would like my big boy to lose some weight but I don’t want the little one to be even more skinny. Do...
  13. M

    Smelly boar

    I have a 3 year old boar (Dale) who's suddenly developed a bit of a whiff. A few weeks ago his cagemate from birth (Chip) died, and he was devestated. I had to syringe feed him critical care to get him to eat (which admittedly gave him cowpat stools), as he refused to eat by himself. He wasn't...
  14. Alexemond97

    Boar bites my face

    Hi, Often, when I’m having lap time with my oldest guy, he seems to go crazy and starts « attacking » my face. He wheeks and comes running toward my face and tries to bite me. He always did that eversince he is young but I never understood why. I don’t think he hates me, because he will come see...
  15. Ashleigh24

    Grieving brother

    I had 2 brothers woody and buzz, they were 5 and both showing signs of old age. Unfortunately we lost Woody (he went very quickly dying of old age) Buzz is doing ok, his survival instincts have kicked in, he's very quiet but i'm giving him attention daily etc. I know I should get him a mate as...
  16. pbluebirddd

    Re-bonding after Cuy passing

    Hi all, my gorgeous Cuy boar (Chip) passed recently at just under 11 months - it was my first Guinea pig loss and it was only worsened by how short his life was. My main concern however, is my very dominant - now bereaved - boar Cookie. Today I am bonding him with Sundae, another boar who he...
  17. P

    Skittish Piggies

    I got two male baby pigs a week ago and they’re very skittish. Whenever I move they dart into their hidey house. I was sitting on my bed and I stretched and they went into full panic mode. I’ve been handling them, but maybe I’m not supposed to at this stage? What can I do to tame them or at...
  18. Jesse's pigs

    Crested and Lunkarya shenanigans

    Just some pics from today of my two boys having a little outing on the grass before it decided to rain. Thought it'd be nice to show a little update (those who saw my haircut thread will note that Bellamy has already regained his locks 😂) because I do mostly post in a panick about their health...
  19. L

    I do not know what to do.

    About one month ago my hamster sadly passed away and my sister decided to get guinea pigs instead this time. There were originally 3 at the pet store together (all males), but I could only get 2 so I bought two of them and then 2 weeks later we came back to get the third one who was then by...
  20. B

    Boar throws his head back and squeaks loudly

    I have two boys and they are both 4 months old and came from the same litter. It seems like one of them (Macchiato) is definitely going to be the boss around the cage, as he’s always weighed more than his brother (Brick Layer) and he seems to be a bit more stingy when snacks are involved. But...