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  1. BeckyBee

    Rejoining and looking for some boarding feedback!

    Hi everyone 👋 I used to be an active member on the forum a few years ago, when I had my little herd of piggies, who have all now passed on. A few years, some children and house moves later (!) I am now hoping to finally take the plunge and set up a guinea pig boarding facility, and would really...
  2. Z

    Boarding, fighting, separating

    Hello to everyone! I got a new Guinea Pig about two months ago, shes still young and wild. The others are 1-3 yrs old. At home in their very large cage they’ve all gotten along fine. No fighting or problems at all. I’m out of town and boarded them for a couple days so their temporary/travel...
  3. M

    Boarding for guinea pig with long term health issues

    So my nearly-5-year-old boar has been having some health issues over the last year or so. He has these episodes where his appetite suddenly disappears and he either stops pooing or only passes very small pellets, though he’s never stopped eating completely. Between August 2019 (the first time...
  4. H

    Guinea pig boarding in London?

    Hi! We are looking for someone to look after our 2 guinea pigs for the last weekend of August. it’s a bit urgent😬 Can anyone recommend guinea pig boarding in London? We live near Putney. Thanks! 🤞🏼
  5. Siikibam

    Away from the boys

    We’ve gone away for the weekend and so I had to put the boys in boarding. I’m a little worried because they’re in a smaller enclosure and I’m not sure how many times they’ll be put in the run. I’m sure they’ll be fine anyway but I can’t help but worry. It’s like putting your child in Nursery etc...
  6. K

    Guinea Pig Boarding/pet Sitting

    I’m not sure this is the right section to post this in but here goes.. I have been thinking about a career with animals! Although my plans won’t happen until next year, no harm in planning now? I was thinking about starting a dog walking service around my local area.. and once I’ve moved...