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Guinea Pig Boarding/pet Sitting


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Jul 16, 2017
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I’m not sure this is the right section to post this in but here goes..

I have been thinking about a career with animals! Although my plans won’t happen until next year, no harm in planning now?

I was thinking about starting a dog walking service around my local area.. and once I’ve moved house (bigger garden, insulated space, more indoor space) I was wondering if I could start my own guineapig boarding/pet sitting service. I just wondered how many people on here actually use these types of services? From what I can see there are none in my local area!
I use a guinea pig sitter who comes to my house once a day whenever we are away. She's brilliant and makes going away a stress free experience.
I also have a pet sitter who comes to our house. She is wonderful, and I think because we have a few animals this is a much easier option for us personally.
However she does also offer home boarding, but I think this is mainly for cats.
Whilst I think a guinea pig boarding service would be a good idea, you would need to carefully look into the legal implications, consider insurance, etc. and also e aware that it is not uncommon for people to use boarding services as a way to dump their pets. This actually happens far more often than most people think.
I think it’s great that you are thinking and planning ahead.
@Swissgreys has good pointers and you would also need to do an assessment of the market for such a service.
I do know that it’s possibly something I will need to look for next year when we move house and will want to avoid stressing out the piggies so go for it and good luck with the research
My 2 go to a lady who used to be a vet nurse, now she has kids she runs a business as a 'pet nanny'. She boards a few small furries, and also goes round people's houses looking after their pets at their home.
There seem to be a number of pet-sitting/dog-walking and similar services advertising at my vets, but then I am in an urban area.
I once avail of @furryfriends (TEAS) pet sitting services in the past. She is close to The Cat & Rabbit Clinic and is very knowledgable with dental piggies (we had one) so we availed her services that time. Another guinea pig also had UTI and stones. They were all taken care of when they were at TEAS. If we have a place near where we live, we might be availing that service whenever we go on holiday overseas, taking into consideration that there is a near exotic vets and they know how to take care of sick piggies. If they are not sick, we leave them with my in-laws.